{Marvelous in My Monday} Brunch, Rugby & A Food Market

Wooo Monday! Too keen? My bad. I’m feeling pretty good today after a rather marvelous weekend.


On Friday night a group of us went to Xalapa, a Mexican restaurant with great frozen margaritas which we often frequent. We shared mixed platters, along with our drinks. The food is good but not wow, yet the margaritas more than make up for it!

After dinner Sara and I took a bus across time for the most random but awesome night that I’ve had in a while! We went to a kiosco bar (basically a bar in the back of a kiosk selling snacks, cigarettes, phone credit, etc.) where a mixture of (mainly) local and international students from the nearby university were just chilling with drinks and guitars. It was a great mixture of live music, poetry and some dancing… Truly unique! I didn’t take any photos as I was just enjoying being there, besides I think they would have been awful with the light anyway.

French Toast Brunch

I had hoped for a lie in on Saturday morning, having had a week of bad sleeping, but no luck! Less than 7 hours after going to bed I was up. I walked through the beautiful BA sunshine to meet Katie for a late brunch outside of French toast and lots of tea. Not too shabby. Ky then joined us to go to watch the rugby! I was super excited as this is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages 🙂 Kudos to Ky for most of the photos.

Belgrano Olivos Rugby 1

The match was part of a university league in Belgrano, a very nice and beautiful barrio of Buenos Aires. It reminded me so much of rowing races from school with all the mums selling tea, coffee and fabulous looking homemade cakes, the fresh autumn air and that delicious smell of wet grass… Nope? Just me that loves that?!

Belgrano Olivos Rugby 2

And wow did Belgrano (white) smash Olivos (stripes), 51-7! I had heard that Belgrano are pretty good but that was impressive.

Belgrano Olivos Rugby 3

All in all it was the perfect Saturday. That evening my lack of sleep finally hit and I was asleep by 10.30pm… Rock and roll.

Yesterday I was still feeling a bit under the weather so just did, what was went to be, a short low heart rate run. However I seem to be awful at keeping my heart rate low, it always seems to creep up on me! Nevertheless it was a lovely run on another beautiful BA day. It always makes me so happy running through the parks and seeing everyone out walking, running, cycling, playing hockey on roller-skates… I hope London will be just the same!

I then took myself to a café without wi-fi to focus on my Spanish homework where I enjoyed a great cheese and ham sandwich and a pot of tea – how English! I can’t seem to get enough of tea lately with this ‘cold’ weather. Spanish grammar, however, now that I seem to have more than enough of. Still don’t understand it though…

Tea and sandwich

After that…fun I popped across to Buenos Aires Food Market. This is held in different locations around the city each month and is full is fresh foodie goodies, whatever your taste. It was packed so I didn’t stay for long but I did pick up some gorgeous fresh, crusty bread and blueberry jam, sweetened with stevia. Whilst wandering around I enjoyed an ‘antioxidant juice’ of pear, cucumber and lemon. Now, I detest cucumbers but this was delicious!

Buenos Aires Food Market


Blueberry Jam Bread

Another great thing from this weekend was my dad announcing that he has finished painting my bedroom – in our new house in the UK! It looks great, just how I had imagined. It’s definitely nice to have something new and exciting to look forward to as soon as I get back and make returning home just that little bit easier.

New bedroom

What did you get up to this weekend? What’s your most ‘random’ night?


2 thoughts on “{Marvelous in My Monday} Brunch, Rugby & A Food Market

    • It’s definitely the southern hemisphere weather 😉
      I know right!! Stevia is everywhere – on every table in every café next to the sugar. If I go to Chinatown I can get pnb without sugar but still with oil…and it’s a 2 hour round trip. I’ve given up trying to understand this crazy city!

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