Week Highlights

Happy Weekend people!

Wow, am I glad to make it to the end of the week. It’s actually been on the quieter side work wise but for some reason I have been exhausted all week! I’m starting to think perhaps my worrying has something to do with it… I was so touched by the lovely comments I received on Thursday’s post – thank you so much, really. I think I know deep down it will all be okay but it definitely requires some reassuring sometimes and this community is awesome for that!

Anyhow, this week has had some brilliant moments nonetheless. Monday started out with me finally being able to get into the initial stage of a handstand push up, something that may not seem much for many people but I was so proud of myself as my arm strength is something I really struggle with. What’s more, the next day (again, at CrossFit) I managed to get my kicks right for knees to elbow – progress. Really starting to love this sport… I am now going about four times a week and those days definitely seem to be the happiest days!

After our workout on Tuesday my friend Heather and I went for a delicious breakfast out – granola, fruit, yoghurt, green tea – and had one of those great chats where we put the world and our live’s to rights – love this girl! Feeling very lucky to have met her 🙂

Wednesday night Katie and I braved the crazy weather and went to the ballet at Teatro Colón. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages and it sure didn’t disappoint. I walk past the building everyday on the way to work and in itself it is just magnificent, even more so at night time.

Teatro Colón Buenos Aires


I believe the building was opened in 1908 and is beautifully decorated inside in a very traditional style, with the names of famous composers dotted around the ceiling.

Inside Teatro Colón Buenos Aires


The ballet was Le Corsaire (a pirate ballet, in a nutshell) and performed by the Buenos Aires Ballet to the accompaniment of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra. I won’t lie, I do sometimes struggle with the storyline of these things sometimes but I just love getting lost in the music, scenery and beauty of it all. And wow, it was beautiful – the best sets and costumes I think I have seen (out of the grand total of two ballets I have been to… but it was VERY good!). Afterwards we met up with our other friends at the restaurant where one of them works as a chef to join them for the end of their meal. Such a lovely evening 🙂

We went to to the leather district (Villa Crespo) on Thursday morning on a quest to find me a pair of ankle boots, only to discover that shoes are sold in a whole other area. However, I can say if you’re looking for a leather jacket this is the place to go. Ooops. So what’s a girl to do? Go to a café of course. La Panera Rosa did not disappoint, I always love it’s pink, cosy design that makes you feel right at home. A kiwi and melon licuado and a sandwich later and all was good with the world again.

La Panera Rosa Buenos Aires


Can you tell I’ve been stocking up on Katie time this week? She leaves on Thursday!

Another great moment was going to the famous Full City Coffee House to see what all the hype was about. If I’m correct, this casual and very international coffee place is run by an Englishman (woop!) and has a very relaxed, slightly boyish vibe with great music playing in the background – old school rock style when I was there. I tentatively asked if they had soya milk (I loathe ‘normal’ milk, always have, always will) and was apologetically told no and so ordered an espresso instead. Only for the waitress to pop back a minute later to tell me one of the staff had just popped out for a few things and was going to try find some soya milk for me! Five minutes later he returned victorious and I was sipping on a heavenly cappuccino, one very happy customer. Man, I love this city sometimes.

Full City Coffee House Soy Cappuccino

And now I feel as though I’ve warbled on for long enough so I’ll leave it there for now. Have a lovely weekend!

What are the highlights from your week? Have you been touched by somebody going out of their way for you?


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