{Marvelous in My Monday} Parties, beer, live music and sleepiness

This weekend has been the perfect combination of friends, parties, a (little) bit of productivity, great workouts, plenty of beer and a whole lot of recovering relaxing.

It started out on Friday night with a night out at a party run by a couple of DJ friends. It wasn’t too late of a night (by Argentine standards…) so I was able to be up and ready on Saturday morning for CrossFit, and I’m so glad I was. The other box run by the same people as mine was closed for training so it was super busy but oh so fun. We did a great, albeit killer, WOD of entirely bodyweight exercises – happy, tired faces all round afterwards.

2014-05-17 18.09.59

That bottom left photo is from when the guys from my box won the Latin American regionals – pretty cool huh?

Afterwards, I was meant to be going with my Spanish teacher and another friend to visit what is essentially an old concentration camp left from the Dirty War/Dictatorship here in Argentina, something that fascinates me. I still struggle to comprehend just how recently it happened. This was where a lot of the ‘disappeared’ were taken – something we have a weekly reminder of here in Buenos Aires as the Madres of Plaza de Mayo still march around the square outside the government building every Thursday demanding to know what happened to their children. There has been some happy (I hesitate to use this word but struggle to find a replacement) endings over the years as people who have doubts as to their backgrounds step forward to get DNA tested and discover their real parents… However, when we arrived at the museum we were informed that tours only take place during the week, even though my teacher had emailed ahead, so we ended up going for coffee instead and a bit of Spanish conversation.

Saturday night was just plain awesome. I went to my CrossFit friend Heather and her husband Matt’s apartment for a party with all their friends. This consisted off plenty of beer, a power hour (my first ever), food, dancing, silly fancy dress outfits and a LOT of fun. We were lucky enough to have a Skype concert with Ariel Upton (Matt’s cousin) from the States which was just incredible – it also made me wonder at the magic of technology! Her music is great and well worth checking out, if you like an indie soul pop vibe, ย as she has an album out soon.

2014-05-18 17.36.39

I then had a joyous (what a word!) lie in on Sunday morning…until the sun woke me up as I forgot to close the blinds properly, oops. I had planned to run but felt completely exhausted and dead so chose to rest instead. Rest sums up the day really… I watched some of the European CrossFit Regionals, wandered down to Starbucks (the joys of a rubbish internet connection in my apartment) to research my trip to Salta (northern Argentina) at the start of July and Skype my dad. Then I popped into my favourite deli on the way home to pick up some treats – fancy yoghurts, HEINZ ketchup, Lindt dark chocolate and some delicious olive bread… Before a relaxing evening of nothingness.

peanut butter banana treats

Rediscovering the classic pnb banana combo and some Sunday treats

Happy days. Some might say marvelous.



How was your weekend?


6 thoughts on “{Marvelous in My Monday} Parties, beer, live music and sleepiness

    • I know right! It was pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚ you’re welcome – I hope you enjoy.
      Haha that’s so funny I was actually dithering between the two for ages and chickened out of the 85%… last time I tried it it was too bitter but I feel maybe I am ready now! Next time…

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