{Thinking Out Loud}

So, this feels awkward… How does one introduce a post that is completely random?


Let’s just dive straight in shall we! Linking up with Amanda today, as per, for Thinking Out Loud 🙂


1. Continuing on from last week’s post I did some meal prep again, there must be something wrong with me. I am not a planner. The best I can do is plan my meals the day before but last Sunday I roasted up some butternut squash and cooked up some other bits and bobs to make an amazing squash, green bean, white (?) bean and cheese salad to eat during the week – happy days! But seriously, I must be getting ill or something…

2. Speaking of, yesterday really knocked me for six (where does that saying come from?). I felt completely exhausted, weak, freezing cold and generally all round pathetic all day. I had planned to run in the evening before heading out to a dinner party but a full day of work, Spanish homework (grammar, YAY) and an hour and a half Spanish class completely took it out of me. So, I watched Made In Chelsea in bed instead. Priorities. Seriously though, I do feel kinda guilty but I know I should listen to my body and rest up as it’s better for me in the long run as it will stop me getting properly ill blah blah blah. But still. Humph.

3. Mosquitos have returned to Buenos Aires with a vengeance. Sneaky little suckers. JUST as we were all getting comfortable, once again I am woken up in the middle of the night with legs covered in crazyy itchy bites. Fun times.

4. On Sunday I had the most perfect run. You know the kind when you have a good steady pace, pushing yourself just the right amount, the air is not too hot, not too cold and you just feel happy. And the morning mist made it seem all magical and mysterious…

Misty Lake

5. The other day I watched the film 42 – anyone seen it? It’s about the first ever black baseball player in the US and is the perfect combination of interesting, tragic and funny. Although, I always feel that baseball is basically just glorified rounders… Used to LOVE that game.

6. Have realised I’ve got used to running with zero hills… Going home’s gonna be interesting.

7. I am already starting to get super excited for starting my Masters again in October… Learning, lectures, researching essays, stationary… I’m such a geek.

8. Two months today I leave Buenos Aires… And in about a month and a half I finish my internship… Wowzas.

9. I don’t know if it’s the autumnal weather or just how long I’ve been here or just completely random but these past few weeks I’ve fallen in love with the city even more – I didn’t even know that was possible. There’s something just making me super content… I am loving CrossFit (although definitely going to up my classes next week when I purchase my next month’s membership), my friends, the kind of busy but also chilled routine life has settled into, the change of seasons… Happy 🙂 (maybe it’s just the rather British weather making me feel at home 😉 )

10. Love this quote, gossiping/bitching/whatever you want to call it can be such a waste (and yes, I heard it on MIC…sue me.)

Eleanor Roosevelt


Tell me something random from your week!


3 thoughts on “{Thinking Out Loud}

  1. Ahhh I hate mosquitos! I have massive allergic reactions to them! The last two times I got them they were so swollen! Not fun!
    And I love that quote even if it was said by Mark on MIC haha – no shame!

  2. Confession: I always looked forward to going back to school again after the summer. I’d be happy for about a week after I finished all my exams before I started wanting to go back. And even now that I’ve been out of school for a while, I still get that pull every time September rolls around and I see kids with their backpacks. Then I remember the exams and papers and feel a little better 😆

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