Escapades from the long weekend

Last Thursday we had the Día del Trabajador, meaning we had a four day weekend as Friday was a holiday too! I enjoyed the perfect ‘mini-break’ full of relaxing, nights out and a little adventure…

Thursday daytime I chilled at home before meeting up with the girls for a great Brazilian meal in the evening. We then met up with some other friends before heading over to a great hip-hop night (Lost) in San Telmo… Great music, great dancing, great company – perfection!

2014-05-02 01.50.27

On Friday we enjoyed (a much needed) brunch at Malvón – chicken apple sausage and orange juice heaven – before wandering down Santa Fé to browse the shops… Afterwards I decided to walk home which was a good move as I felt super refreshed after. On the way back I bumped into Heather, my CrossFit friend, with her husband and their incredibly cute dog on their way to the park for a few beers, naturally I ended up joining them 😉 (However, whilst we were there a load of fireworks suddenly went off and one lady’s dog sprinted away, her screams as she chased after him were so painful, I hope she found him 😦 ) We then had dinner at their beautiful apartment before meeting up with some friends at a dive bar (The Kilkenny) on the edge of Microcentro (except it was rather too clean to be a real dive bar!).

I have so loved getting to know such a great variety of people here. With my Spanish, and just the way of life here, it has been hard to get to know many locals, but the expats have such an incredible range of backgrounds and stories, I am far from short of people to meet and see!

On Saturday I went back to Colonia (Uruguay) again, just for the day. After getting off the boat I went straight for a heavenly lunch at Pipetuá bistro café – I mean, with a name like that, how could I not?

Pipueta Cafe

The fabulously grumpy chef had a huge pan of paella cooking in the entrance, with help from a waitress’s adorable son, which I just had to try. Simply sprinkled in fresh herbs, a splash of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Yum. All this to the soundtrack of Jack Johnson and Uruguayans and tourists alike, shouting through the lunchtime chaos…

2014-05-03 14.35.25 HDR


2014-05-03 14.04.22


2014-05-03 14.39.46


I followed lunch with a wander through Colonia’s old town to look at the shops and treated myself to a scarf, wool cardi (to replace the one I killed in the washing machine…), and a photograph of the church and vintage cars that was taken by a lovely man who had lived in Hove (on the south coast of England) for 6 months in the 90s so we had a great chat!

I went down to the port to look at the boats – something my dad always does so it’s become something of a habit. The ‘furthest one’ was a motor cruiser from the States. It really struck me how abandoned pretty much all of the buildings around that area were. So strikingly beautiful with shutters wide open, glass free windows, paint peeling away and completely empty…

2014-05-03 15.34.30


I also popped into the church for a little moment to pause. I always feel, regardless of your religion or beliefs, you can’t deny the simple beauty of the tranquility that a church can bring.

After a little ice cream and a long sit down to finish my book (which is in Spanish and English and I’m definitely reading the English wayyy less now – yay!) I explored the naval museum next door. Well, I say explored, it was the size of 2 smalls rooms… But it was nice to have a little look and pretend to be slightly cultured at least!

And then I sat on a little mound of grass to write (partly this post) whilst overlooking the Rio del Plata  and the beginnings of a rather cloudy sunset. Squinting into the murky distance I could just about make out the outlines of Buenos Aires skyscrapers in the distance – somewhere that is more and more becoming my home.

Finally, I just had enough time to get a (giant) pot of tea and watch the stunning sunset – being British in Uruguay 😉

2014-05-03 18.01.55


2014-05-03 18.17.57


Sunday was reasonably relaxed. It was a super misty day (my favourite kind of autumn days) so I went for a run through the woods that go along one of the lake’s in Palermo Parks – it was so beautiful. I also met a friend for coffee, ran some errands and then sat on my roof reading my book and watching the sunset… The perfect ending to the long weekend.


Have you taken any day trips lately?

What did you get up to over the long weekend/normal weekend if not in the UK?!


2 thoughts on “Escapades from the long weekend

  1. What a fabulous weekend! I totally agree that regardless of religion church brings a sense of peace and tranquility. The paella looks delicious and that tea watching the sunset – amazing – what life is about!

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