{Marvelous in My Monday} Pretending to be cultured

Last Wednesday we paid a visit to the MALBA – the museum of Latin American art. Not being a bit art fanatic myself (I once got an A in Art class for a hot/cold collage…aaaand that’s about it) I was sceptical about how much I would enjoy it but it ended up being a great evening! As always, am linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday.



To get there I had to walk through one of the richer areas of Buenos Aires (between Figueroa Alcorta and Libertador if you’re interested) and it was so beautiful, the streets were full of autumn leaves and had that lovely kind of damp, earthy smell (that sounds a bit weird doesn’t it?) which reminded me of home…

2014-04-30 16.50.05

I then reached the MALBA itself, which is a pretty striking building in its own way. It is currently hosting Mario Testino’s In Your Face exhibition which is a huge collection of photographs of various famous people. Testino himself was born in Peru but I believe he now lives in London where he often works for the Royal Family when not a fashion photographer – he took the Royal engagement shots. I definitely think I’m more of a photo person as art often goes wayyyy over my head. Luckily I had Katie with me, whose parents are art teachers, to teach me! It was great to be able to understand the pictures a bit more (rather than staring blankly like I usually do…).

2014-05-01 07.54.41

I have a feeling this is going to be a bit of a picture heavy post… Starting out with Mario Testino’s exhibition:

2014-04-30 17.45.39-1

The photographs were spread throughout a series of three large rooms, all with bright blue painted walls. It definitely was a beautiful display of colour, although we felt that it would have been better if the photos had been more separate – you can see how squished together they are in the picture above – but obviously there just wasn’t enough space!

2014-04-30 17.45.54-1

The Queen of fashion herself…(in my opinion)

2014-04-30 17.48.54-1

How Testino managed to get this many supermodels into one shot, and get half of them to take their clothes off I shall never know!

2014-04-30 17.51.33-1

This was my personal favourite and the one that managed to get an audible ‘wow’ out of me, I think just due to the striking colour

2014-04-30 17.51.45-1

It’s safe to say Kate Moss was definitely the most photographed person of the exhibition!

2014-04-30 18.03.02

The wall outside the exhibition rooms was full of quotes from Testino explaining his motivation, loved this one. To me it is a great attitude to life in general – exposing yourself to the unknown will change your way of seeing and your whole attitude, opening you up to the greatest achievements. 

Then we moved downstairs to the more general rooms, full of Latin American art…

2014-04-30 18.09.23-1


2014-04-30 18.22.46-1

This was the first painting that I actually ‘got’ for myself – George Gershwin – An American In Paris!

2014-04-30 18.20.58-1

Buuuuut then this one just made me think of the deatheaters in Harry Potter, no?

Sorry for the massive photo dump, but it’s definitely the best way to ‘write’ about an art museum! Well worth a visit, and if you go on Wednesdays it’s open late and is half price 😉

Are you an art fan? Or completely clueless like me?


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