A bit of a fallout…

Firstly, apologies. This isn’t a very happy, exciting nor positive post so please feel free to skip it. I’ve said before that sometimes I just need to write and get it out of me and this is one of those days. I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m digging for…validation (?) or whatever, I just need to vent I guess.

Yesterday I mentioned that I’d been struggling a bit of late. We’ve been arguing a lot you see, falling out… and I’ve been pretty rude to be honest. Me and my body that is. My middle to be exact.

I’ve worked hard, very hard, to overcome my issues with food. I don’t link it to emotions anymore, I’m not scared of it. Finally I’m learning to listen to my body and feed it when it wants, push it to its limits but also rest it when it asks. In that sense we’re doing pretty well. But my relationship with my body itself? Not so good. Some days I feel amazing, strong, powerful, good, on top of the world. Yet it never seems to last for long… Then I start to feel big, squishy, unfeminine, frumpy even, all over again. And then I panic.

And it drives me mad. This is a body that has been through so much and it has come out the other side. It’s never going to conform to a stereotypical ‘perfect body’ and I don’t want it to. I just want us to be friends! It can move fast, it is strong and is getting stronger. Yet it will always have curves, boobs and a little bit of a tummy.

What’s more, I know that I am worth more than my body. Yet no matter how much I tell myself all of this it’s not going in. The stress continues. And I’m starting to make a bit of a connection that stress + my stomach = unhappy.

So, what to do? Be kind. Treat myself like a child. Talk when I need to talk and stop putting so much pressure on myself all the time. So here is my goal, my pledge for the coming weeks/months/however long it takes… I am coming to the realisation that I need to trust the process and accept that this is a process I’m still going through. I’ve had so many different shapes due to various factors over the past few years that I need to find the one that is the real me again. I’ll get there, I know I will. (I have to…) It just takes time.

trust the process



{Thinking Out Loud} Drumming, winter & learning to listen

It feels like recently all I’ve done on here is join in on link-up posts! I do have a lot of other things I want to say and posts planned out in my head I just don’t have time to write them in a coherent fashion at the moment – sneaky little bugger is time, it runs away far too often! Happily for me, I don’t have to be coherent today and can just Think Out Loud instead 🙂


1. On Monday I was in the city centre and there was a guy having a proper drumming session on what was essentially a collection of rubbish – paint cans and the like. And it was AWESOME. I wish I hadn’t been rushing as it was incredible to hear. Isn’t it crazy how we are always rushing to the next big thing when actually it’s all the little things – the ones that we’re missing out on – that make everything so worth it?

2. I always have one of my Spanish lessons in this traditional style café/bar in the city centre. During lunchtime it is crammed full of office workers on their breaks but in the late afternoon it is blissfully quiet. The waiters there are the kind of waiters that are doing it as their career (as is commonplace here) and, unlike many Argentine wait staff, are so attentive and polite – it’s so touching. I’m on a massive tea grind at the moment and, my, do they do tea well. Teapot, teabag separate (meh, who wants loose leaves anyways), slice of lemon, glass of water (which gets topped up for me) and a mini plate of biscuits things incase you’re feeling a bit peckish… Can a girl complain? I think not.

2014-05-26 16.29.13

3. It. is. winter. I’ve decided. Or proper autumn at least. Check out this crazy fog we had on Tuesday morning! I couldn’t see a sausage (let alone a building) from the roof of my building! Madness.

Buenos Aires Fog

4. The avocado and toast love has started up again. With a little salt and honey. SO GOOD.

2014-05-26 21.26.10

5. I’ve been trying to listen to my body recently rather than arguing with it/hating on it. Still working on that one. It’s been super hungry a couple of days this week. So I fed it. Felt ridiculously proud of myself. And then pathetic as I thought “you ate when hungry? big hooray Pip…”. I read the other day to treat your body/yourself as though it were a child – to care for it – and this is something I’m trying to do… More on that in another post I think…

6. Did you know that it is law in Argentina (or at least Buenos Aires) that every restaurant has to serve at least one gluten free dish? Learnt that the other day, pretty impressive I think!

7. The other day I saw this video posted on Facebook by my old Spanish teacher from Venezuela. I went to Venezuela for 3 months in 2010 and did the same expedition that was filmed whilst I was there. Granted, now it is a very different country than it was then. But the beauty still remains. All we see in the news at the moment is negative things about the economy, the politics, the violence… Yet we forget that not all the country is like this, the natural wonders are incredible and this video is a beautiful reminder of that…

8. I’ve still been sleeping badly and now I feel run down and rubbish and like I’m getting ill. Humph. Yesterday I just wanted my (British) big bed, home foods and a stack of films. General ‘homeness’. Grump grump. I don’t mean to sound like I am whinging on here but I try to be honest and, hey, this is me! I guess it is good as I am kind of starting to mentally prepare to go home in not so long!

9. To finish on a more cheerful note… Yesterday I had a waffle. It was a bit burnt but still awesome so totally warrants its own little picture. If you’re ever passing through Buenos Aires (as one does) be sure to go to Ninina Bakery.

Ninina Bakery Waffle Tea

Any randomness from your week?

{Marvelous in My Monday} Brunch, Rugby & A Food Market

Wooo Monday! Too keen? My bad. I’m feeling pretty good today after a rather marvelous weekend.


On Friday night a group of us went to Xalapa, a Mexican restaurant with great frozen margaritas which we often frequent. We shared mixed platters, along with our drinks. The food is good but not wow, yet the margaritas more than make up for it!

After dinner Sara and I took a bus across time for the most random but awesome night that I’ve had in a while! We went to a kiosco bar (basically a bar in the back of a kiosk selling snacks, cigarettes, phone credit, etc.) where a mixture of (mainly) local and international students from the nearby university were just chilling with drinks and guitars. It was a great mixture of live music, poetry and some dancing… Truly unique! I didn’t take any photos as I was just enjoying being there, besides I think they would have been awful with the light anyway.

French Toast Brunch

I had hoped for a lie in on Saturday morning, having had a week of bad sleeping, but no luck! Less than 7 hours after going to bed I was up. I walked through the beautiful BA sunshine to meet Katie for a late brunch outside of French toast and lots of tea. Not too shabby. Ky then joined us to go to watch the rugby! I was super excited as this is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages 🙂 Kudos to Ky for most of the photos.

Belgrano Olivos Rugby 1

The match was part of a university league in Belgrano, a very nice and beautiful barrio of Buenos Aires. It reminded me so much of rowing races from school with all the mums selling tea, coffee and fabulous looking homemade cakes, the fresh autumn air and that delicious smell of wet grass… Nope? Just me that loves that?!

Belgrano Olivos Rugby 2

And wow did Belgrano (white) smash Olivos (stripes), 51-7! I had heard that Belgrano are pretty good but that was impressive.

Belgrano Olivos Rugby 3

All in all it was the perfect Saturday. That evening my lack of sleep finally hit and I was asleep by 10.30pm… Rock and roll.

Yesterday I was still feeling a bit under the weather so just did, what was went to be, a short low heart rate run. However I seem to be awful at keeping my heart rate low, it always seems to creep up on me! Nevertheless it was a lovely run on another beautiful BA day. It always makes me so happy running through the parks and seeing everyone out walking, running, cycling, playing hockey on roller-skates… I hope London will be just the same!

I then took myself to a café without wi-fi to focus on my Spanish homework where I enjoyed a great cheese and ham sandwich and a pot of tea – how English! I can’t seem to get enough of tea lately with this ‘cold’ weather. Spanish grammar, however, now that I seem to have more than enough of. Still don’t understand it though…

Tea and sandwich

After that…fun I popped across to Buenos Aires Food Market. This is held in different locations around the city each month and is full is fresh foodie goodies, whatever your taste. It was packed so I didn’t stay for long but I did pick up some gorgeous fresh, crusty bread and blueberry jam, sweetened with stevia. Whilst wandering around I enjoyed an ‘antioxidant juice’ of pear, cucumber and lemon. Now, I detest cucumbers but this was delicious!

Buenos Aires Food Market


Blueberry Jam Bread

Another great thing from this weekend was my dad announcing that he has finished painting my bedroom – in our new house in the UK! It looks great, just how I had imagined. It’s definitely nice to have something new and exciting to look forward to as soon as I get back and make returning home just that little bit easier.

New bedroom

What did you get up to this weekend? What’s your most ‘random’ night?

Week Highlights

Happy Weekend people!

Wow, am I glad to make it to the end of the week. It’s actually been on the quieter side work wise but for some reason I have been exhausted all week! I’m starting to think perhaps my worrying has something to do with it… I was so touched by the lovely comments I received on Thursday’s post – thank you so much, really. I think I know deep down it will all be okay but it definitely requires some reassuring sometimes and this community is awesome for that!

Anyhow, this week has had some brilliant moments nonetheless. Monday started out with me finally being able to get into the initial stage of a handstand push up, something that may not seem much for many people but I was so proud of myself as my arm strength is something I really struggle with. What’s more, the next day (again, at CrossFit) I managed to get my kicks right for knees to elbow – progress. Really starting to love this sport… I am now going about four times a week and those days definitely seem to be the happiest days!

After our workout on Tuesday my friend Heather and I went for a delicious breakfast out – granola, fruit, yoghurt, green tea – and had one of those great chats where we put the world and our live’s to rights – love this girl! Feeling very lucky to have met her 🙂

Wednesday night Katie and I braved the crazy weather and went to the ballet at Teatro Colón. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages and it sure didn’t disappoint. I walk past the building everyday on the way to work and in itself it is just magnificent, even more so at night time.

Teatro Colón Buenos Aires


I believe the building was opened in 1908 and is beautifully decorated inside in a very traditional style, with the names of famous composers dotted around the ceiling.

Inside Teatro Colón Buenos Aires


The ballet was Le Corsaire (a pirate ballet, in a nutshell) and performed by the Buenos Aires Ballet to the accompaniment of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra. I won’t lie, I do sometimes struggle with the storyline of these things sometimes but I just love getting lost in the music, scenery and beauty of it all. And wow, it was beautiful – the best sets and costumes I think I have seen (out of the grand total of two ballets I have been to… but it was VERY good!). Afterwards we met up with our other friends at the restaurant where one of them works as a chef to join them for the end of their meal. Such a lovely evening 🙂

We went to to the leather district (Villa Crespo) on Thursday morning on a quest to find me a pair of ankle boots, only to discover that shoes are sold in a whole other area. However, I can say if you’re looking for a leather jacket this is the place to go. Ooops. So what’s a girl to do? Go to a café of course. La Panera Rosa did not disappoint, I always love it’s pink, cosy design that makes you feel right at home. A kiwi and melon licuado and a sandwich later and all was good with the world again.

La Panera Rosa Buenos Aires


Can you tell I’ve been stocking up on Katie time this week? She leaves on Thursday!

Another great moment was going to the famous Full City Coffee House to see what all the hype was about. If I’m correct, this casual and very international coffee place is run by an Englishman (woop!) and has a very relaxed, slightly boyish vibe with great music playing in the background – old school rock style when I was there. I tentatively asked if they had soya milk (I loathe ‘normal’ milk, always have, always will) and was apologetically told no and so ordered an espresso instead. Only for the waitress to pop back a minute later to tell me one of the staff had just popped out for a few things and was going to try find some soya milk for me! Five minutes later he returned victorious and I was sipping on a heavenly cappuccino, one very happy customer. Man, I love this city sometimes.

Full City Coffee House Soy Cappuccino

And now I feel as though I’ve warbled on for long enough so I’ll leave it there for now. Have a lovely weekend!

What are the highlights from your week? Have you been touched by somebody going out of their way for you?

{Thinking Out Loud} Five weeks and five fears

5 weeks today will be the last day of my internship. It will be 1 day until my dad arrives. 9 days until my 23rd birthday. 13 days until my flight touches back in the UK, 6 months and 6 days after I left. What can I say, I like my numbers.

Obviously all of these countdowns are very exciting – I cannot wait to see my friends, family, new house and return home once again. But I’ve got to admit something else… I’m actually pretty scared.

Buenos Aires Skyline Palermo

My current home…

  1. I’m about to turn 23 and in October I start a year long Master’s programme. Don’t get me wrong, this is my dream course, but it also means that I won’t be getting a ‘proper’ paid job until at least Autumn 2015. When I look at the friends I left school with, most of them have already been working away for nearly a year. Am I doing the right thing? Can I afford this? Rationally, I know following my dream is the right thing to do but it’s not always easy…
  1. Buenos Aires has become my home. I’m settled here. Can I settle again? In a new house, a new place, a new lifestyle? And then just over 2 months later do it all over again in London?
  1. I’m not done here yet. I’ve still got so much more to learn, more Spanish to grasp. Will I forget it all? Will I be able to continue to learn and improve back in the UK or will it all ‘be a waste’?
  1. All the problems I left behind when that flight took off way back in January will still be there. All the struggles I took a holiday from haven’t gone anywhere. Am I ready to face them so soon?
  1. What if everything’s changed? What if I’ve changed? What if it doesn’t feel like home anymore? What will I do then?
  1. Bonus. On lighter note – it’s going to suddenly be summer and that’s just plain weird… I’m ready for winter, snow and Christmas! Mind mess.

herefordshire countryside

My British home…a bit of a jump!

I realise these are pretty rambling, so I do apologise – there’s a reason I’m linking up with Spoons today as I am quite literally Thinking Out Loud.


I am also aware of the fact that I am incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to take this experience in the first place, so I really do hope I am not sounding at all ungrateful here…

I know that I will get there, that these fears aren’t the be all and end all of everything and that I will learn even more and grow even stronger from my challenges in life…but it doesn’t make my weird limbo state much easier at the moment!


Have you struggled with coming back home after a big trip away before?  Any random ramblings to join the party?!

Why do I blog?

The classic question. Weirdly, I’ve found this post incredibly hard to write as it is so hard to put my finger on the exact reasons on why I write on here, other than that I need to. But that would make for a rather boring post. I also feel that it’s important to get it written down on paper, so to speak, why I am here in this little corner of cyberspace.

About a year and a half ago I started to read healthy living blogs and straight away fell in love with the community and the lessons it taught me. I love how a blog post can offer everything and anything, be it a spark of inspiration, the comfort of knowing somebody else is going through something similar to you, reassurance, a new perspective, a little bit of clarity, a recipe to try or even just a plain old laugh. The blogs I read comfort and inspire me, and help me know that I am not alone in the way I think and feel.

green smoothie

So, why write?

Since I was a young teenager I’ve always been writing something, some way to vent my thoughts whenever I was struggling. Sometimes it’s just to get my thoughts in order and out of my head. It’s a release. It nudges me to think about things in a different way. And now, as I have grown up and travelled more, it’s also to get my memories down and recorded. I seem to have an inherent fear that at some point in my life I’m going to forget everything and I’m not going to let all the lessons learnt and the incredible moments slip away.

Yet, that still doesn’t convey why I share it. Here. Online. The World Wide Web. Can’t really get much more public… Ultimately, I blog for me. It makes me feel good and if nobody reads it, well it’s not the end of the world. But it’s good to share and it feels amazing when I get a comment from someone new or see that someone has read a post in a country I’ve never even been to. And there’s something quite liberating and powerful about feeling confident enough to publish your thoughts to the world. It’s taken me a while to get Cherries & Chisme to feel like me, as let’s be honest here, I started out a bit scared and awkward. Now though, I feel free. And I like it.

Why do you read or write blogs?

{Marvelous in My Monday} Parties, beer, live music and sleepiness

This weekend has been the perfect combination of friends, parties, a (little) bit of productivity, great workouts, plenty of beer and a whole lot of recovering relaxing.

It started out on Friday night with a night out at a party run by a couple of DJ friends. It wasn’t too late of a night (by Argentine standards…) so I was able to be up and ready on Saturday morning for CrossFit, and I’m so glad I was. The other box run by the same people as mine was closed for training so it was super busy but oh so fun. We did a great, albeit killer, WOD of entirely bodyweight exercises – happy, tired faces all round afterwards.

2014-05-17 18.09.59

That bottom left photo is from when the guys from my box won the Latin American regionals – pretty cool huh?

Afterwards, I was meant to be going with my Spanish teacher and another friend to visit what is essentially an old concentration camp left from the Dirty War/Dictatorship here in Argentina, something that fascinates me. I still struggle to comprehend just how recently it happened. This was where a lot of the ‘disappeared’ were taken – something we have a weekly reminder of here in Buenos Aires as the Madres of Plaza de Mayo still march around the square outside the government building every Thursday demanding to know what happened to their children. There has been some happy (I hesitate to use this word but struggle to find a replacement) endings over the years as people who have doubts as to their backgrounds step forward to get DNA tested and discover their real parents… However, when we arrived at the museum we were informed that tours only take place during the week, even though my teacher had emailed ahead, so we ended up going for coffee instead and a bit of Spanish conversation.

Saturday night was just plain awesome. I went to my CrossFit friend Heather and her husband Matt’s apartment for a party with all their friends. This consisted off plenty of beer, a power hour (my first ever), food, dancing, silly fancy dress outfits and a LOT of fun. We were lucky enough to have a Skype concert with Ariel Upton (Matt’s cousin) from the States which was just incredible – it also made me wonder at the magic of technology! Her music is great and well worth checking out, if you like an indie soul pop vibe,  as she has an album out soon.

2014-05-18 17.36.39

I then had a joyous (what a word!) lie in on Sunday morning…until the sun woke me up as I forgot to close the blinds properly, oops. I had planned to run but felt completely exhausted and dead so chose to rest instead. Rest sums up the day really… I watched some of the European CrossFit Regionals, wandered down to Starbucks (the joys of a rubbish internet connection in my apartment) to research my trip to Salta (northern Argentina) at the start of July and Skype my dad. Then I popped into my favourite deli on the way home to pick up some treats – fancy yoghurts, HEINZ ketchup, Lindt dark chocolate and some delicious olive bread… Before a relaxing evening of nothingness.

peanut butter banana treats

Rediscovering the classic pnb banana combo and some Sunday treats

Happy days. Some might say marvelous.



How was your weekend?

Open Your Eyes

The first time you meet someone with whom you have mutual friends, they tend to tell you a bit of background information about them, right? Sometimes it’s just superficial stuff – lives here, went to that school, does this job, etc. That’s pretty standard. But when it goes further than that – something that might cause you to judge them without truly knowing them, that’s when I think it goes a step too far.

As a race (i.e. humans) we love to gossip. Fact. A whole industry has been built up around this pastime. Hell, we’ve all done it, I have. And generally it seems like harmless chit chat, correct?

Well the other day I got to thinking. The amount of times I’ve met someone and a friend has told me ‘oh they really get around’, ‘their mum/dad died last year’, ‘they had a breakdown last month’, whatever. You get the picture. Maybe they’re trying to warn you about the person, or nudge you to act with more caution… But surely that should be something you decide for yourself? Maybe they’ve made mistakes in their past, maybe they have certain personal issues that they struggle with. Yet that doesn’t mean that’s who they are now. It doesn’t define them.

I was particularly inspired when I read this beautiful post from someone who’s husband is autistic. Many people would just pack up and leave in what I can imagine to be an incredibly confusing situation. But she carried on through and did what was right, for her. We are all so different afterall.

Hell, I dread to think what would happen if someone was presented with a bunch of facts about me, and my past. I’d hardly be warming to me as a friend. But, in real life? I get on pretty well with me.



 So maybe, the next time you meet someone new, just take a step back. Push those facts out of your head, and get to know the person instead, how they are now. Judge them on how they treat you. We all make mistakes. We all have a history. We shouldn’t have to live with that hanging over us forever, let’s cut some slack.


Disclamer: if someone tells you that that person’s an axe-murderer I wouldn’t recommend getting to know them ‘just to see’ J


Do you think we can be too quick to judge?

My Food and Exercise Philosophy

I’ve dithered for a while about how to write this post, and how open I want to be… I’m not yet (nor do I know if I ever will be) able to post my whole life story on the internet, that just isn’t me. But bits of certainly creep onto the blog, as (I hope) I am very me on here so they have to!

So, it is probably clear by now that I have had issues with food in the past. Without going into too much detail, I’ll cut a long story short instead. I’ve struggled with low body image and self esteem, associating food too much with emotions (the binge – man I hate that word – self loathing cycle), essentially starved myself to get down to weight for the sport I love, followed by completely loosing sight of what is ‘normal’ (for me) eating. So basically all ends of the spectrum.

Then, exercise. From the age of 14 I’ve been a rower, to a high – and intense – level. I associate exercise with pain, sweat, tears, glory, racing, winning. But also loosing and failure. That’s what happens when you push your limits – sometimes you break. And I did. It was horrible, painful, and a really hard time in my life – my body just couldn’t take anymore after years of struggling with back/shoulder problems. And I came to resent, sometimes even fear exercise. Whatever I did, it never felt good enough.

But now, after a long time and a lot of hard work and support from some fabulous people, I seem to be finding my happy medium. Having gone through the whole low calorie/low fat/chemicalised (totally a word) food cycle I finally learnt that that isn’t actually FOOD. There are no nutrients, no satisfaction, no soul. Food should be real, whole, unprocessed, and (where possible!) made with love. Sticking with this ideology will not only nourish your body but also your soul. You mood is better, you think more clearly, and feel more like you. Yes, sometimes I want ice cream, sugary/chemically things. And I eat them. Not all the time, but now and again and in moderation (ah yes, that word). Never again do I want to be that person sat at the restaurant table having a complete freak out because none of their ‘safe’ foods are on the menu and they don’t know how many calories are in the meal… No thank you.





And did you know – you can still get fitter and stronger without pushing yourself until you want to be sick? Revelation. Yes, I still love to push my body – it’s all I’ve known for about 9 years, and I love it. I love to watch my body tone up and get quicker and stronger. But sometimes it’s okay to take a break, have a day off, sleep in, skip a workout. The world goes on and you don’t balloon into Mr Blobby. Going back to my post the other day it’s all about the balance. Do what makes you feel good, what makes you happy – be it CrossFit, marathon running, yoga, dance (0hhh to be able to dance), unicycling, who cares – just have fun!

To quote my fabulous American friends ‘you do you girrrrrrrl’.

What’s your philosophy? What makes you feel good?

{Marvelous in My Monday} Feeling good

I always feel that the two words I find myself coming back to in my life are balance and freedom. The freedom to do what I want, be who I choose, and the opportunity to do so. Then there’s the typical work/life balance, ‘a balanced diet’, etc… And at the moment I’m feeling pretty darn content – I have freedom and balance.



Living abroad naturally makes you feel pretty free – I mean, you’ve just moved halfway round the world because you can – that’s pretty undeniable. And right now I have no constraints on my life, no ties holding me back or pulling me to a certain place. I will always have my home to go back to but I can go anywhere I want… That’s a pretty liberating thought!

Work and life are pretty balanced at the moment. My internship is getting more and more interesting and I am feeling increasingly involved in the workings of the organisation. Then again, living in Buenos Aires, you can’t not live! There is always something to do, people to see, some new event to go to, an adventure to be had… But then if I want to stay in and doing absolutely nothing, I feel that I can – I am free to do so after all! That’s something I am loving about being 22 (nearly 23, eek) – I’ve been lucky enough to party and travel a plenty in my life already, so if I fancy being a bit of a granny now and again, I can be!

Finally, I’ve reached a good place in my food habits… This is something I’ve been meaning to right about in more detail another post for a while. To cut a long story short, I’ve…guess what…hit the balance! Generally I try to eat as healthily as I can but never again do I want food issues to get in the way of me having a good time – if I want to go out and drink, I will… fancy a bit of cake? eat it… craving a giant bowl of veggies? perfect. It’s all about finding what feels good for YOU, something it’s taken me a longggg time to realise.

I’ve got myself into a good little exercise routine with CrossFit and running, various park workouts (although the stupid rain is rather getting in the way of these at the moment) and bits of yoga now and again. I love to exercise, to sweat, to push my body to its limit (and then some more), to see and feel myself getting stronger and faster – that’s happiness, and pride. Never do I want my physical abilities to get in the way of me doing what I love. Yet, at the same time, I don’t want my desire to improve my physical abilities to get in the way of my life… So if I miss a workout it’s okay. Nobody dies. Life goes on. (Who knew? Not me!)

So basically…

– not old, not young

– fit but not skinny

– healthy but not obsessive

– working hard but having the time of my life

In less than two months, my life as I know it is going to completely change… The thought of that right now terrifies me. The past few weeks here, in Buenos Aires, I’ve felt even more at home and even happier with my life here – something I didn’t even realise was possible. I know I will make a new, great life for myself when I return to the UK but right now? I’m content and feeling good.

Linking up with Katie today for Marvelous in My Monday.


Do you have a particular ‘word’ you aim for in your life?