Suitably Stuffed

Last Sunday we finally made it to Las Pizarras – after the Easter weekend fail – and oh my, it did not disappoint!

The setting of the restaurant in itself is lovely, with big old fashioned style windows, giving it a very open feel whilst still keeping that cosy atmosphere…

2014-04-27 23.36.28-1

Being a bit of a special occasion, Katie and I decided to wear our capes that we bought on our trip to Uruguay 😉

2014-04-27 23.35.17-1

The menu changes each day depending on what is fresh from the market, making it all local (I presume…) and seasonal, and organic! Perfection. We started out by sharing 2 starters between the 4 of us – a chickpea cake on top of baked camembert and a lovely prawns combination… (It tasted a lot nicer than it looks in this horrible photo!)

2014-04-27 21.29.53-1

For my main course I chose the wild boar, purely on the basis that it’s something I’d be less likely to get at home. It was a tricky decision though – you can see the menu below, I would have very happily eaten pretty much everything on it! It came with carrot quinoa and roasted carrots. The wild boar itself and the carrots were incredible but the quinoa was a complete let down and tasted rather like earth… Safe to say, I left that behind.

2014-04-29 14.18.57

2014-04-27 21.47.57-1

All of this was accompanied by some delicious Malbec (obviously). I mean, we are in Argentina after all…

2014-04-27 22.25.23-1

And then came dessert… Oh dessert! Not necessarily needed as such, but…so so needed. I mean, sticky pudding? Who can say no to sticky pudding? Not me, that’s for sure! This was HEAVEN. Made me think of British style puddings after a Sunday roast 🙂 a delicious sponge with dulce de leche, whiskey and cream – I mean you can almost see the nutrition, right? Yum.

2014-04-27 23.04.39-1

Safe to say, we were very happy campers!

2014-04-27 22.31.52-1

Katie, me, Tess and Tess’s friend Barbara who is visiting from the States

I cannot recommend this place enough if you happen to be in Buenos Aires! The food was delicious (ignoring the bad luck with the quinoa), the wine list extensive (and a great range of prices for all budgets) and the staff so welcoming. I left very content and suitably stuffed!

Just remember to book 😉

Do you have a particular local, fresh from market restaurant in your area?






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