{MIMM} A day at the polo

Happy Monday! I can’t believe that we are about to move into May, I swear time is just getting quicker and quicker! Before I know it I’ll be back in the UK… Suppose I best join Katie and get on with recapping my glorious day on Saturday then.


Being in Argentina it seemed more than appropriate to take a trip to the polo – although I am pretty sure it was mainly foreigners and rich Argentines there. Nonetheless, it was the perfect day. There were two games happening, the first was on the smaller, secondary pitch and was Colombia vs. The Rest of the World (?!) – to be honest I’m not sure who won as we missed half the match and were talking a lot…oops!

However, the second half of the day was AWESOME. It turned out that the main game was England vs. Argentina – I had no idea! We had the cheap seats, a bargain at AR$50 (about £3 or US$5) and were basically wooden slats but perfectly comfortable and with an excellent view. On the way to our seats we passed the England tent so stopped to say hello and (being with my slightly embarrassing American friends) I was persuaded to ask for a photo – although, to be honest, they could have been anyone for all I know about polo!

photo 2 (10)

photo 1 (9)

The weather was perfect, a warm autumn day, so we decided some champagne was in order…

photo 3 (7)

…before the sky was filled with people parachuting in with the Argentine flag! Amazing!

Then after the national anthems (Argentina’s being notably longer than ours…) it was time to start the match! The score was close the whole way through, with the lead constantly swapping between the two teams… I never realised just quite how aggressive and fast paced polo can be – check out the horse up on it’s hind legs in the video below!

But in the end, England took the game! The ultimate first polo experience 🙂

Have you ever been to the polo?


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