CRACKING? Get it? Yeah… So I started writing this post on Sunday night, I then proceeded to fall asleep and then time ran away somewhere and now it’s Wednesday… So much for a MIMM post with Katie! OH WELL.

So this Easter weekend was definitely full of friends, food, fun and laughter 🙂 I ate plenty of chocolate and un-nutritious food, probably drank too much and did zero exercise. And it was wonderful. To me healthy living is not just about the food that’s on your plate, or the workouts you’re doing – it’s about the mindset, and ultimately your happiness. Sometimes your soul just needs a little lovin’ 😉

Saturday night, Tess, Katie and I had planned to go for a special Easter weekend meal at this great looking bistro Las Pizarras, which has a special emphasis on fresh local food. Sadly we couldn’t get a table (you need to book) so we’re hoping to try again this week. Instead, we went for the cheap Mexican option! The food was okay, nothing special, but it filled the hole! And the bartender’s adorable son (who was probably about 6) ‘bought’ us a free round of drinks – only in Argentina!

photo 1 (8)

Apologies for the awful lighting in this photo! 

We then headed back to mine to meet all our other friends for previa (pre-drinks/pre-game?/etc.) which is always great as everybody tends to bring new people… That’s something I love about living here – there are always new people to meet! We then headed out to Terrazas to get our dance on 😉

Sunday was a very sleeeeeeepy day of Easter chocolate, films and preparing food for the evening when about eight for my friends came round for an ‘Easter’ meal (not a hugely traditional one…) – one of whom is a CHEF, talk about intimidating to cook for! I made a chorizo and blue cheese risotto with salad, which I served with an amazing PECAN balsamic vinegar – wow. Followed by the classic chocolate crispy cakes (for which I made ‘cupcake cases’ out of tinfoil, rather chuffed with my innovation there – they don’t seem to have cupcakes much here) and Amanda’s gigantic skillet cookie – holy moly. Funnily enough, this was the only thing that I actually remembered to take a picture of…

photo 3 (6)

I was in a bit of a funny mood pre dinner so took myself up to the roof to watch the sunset and relax for a bit…

photo 5 (4)The ULTIMATE cookie

Naturally, by Monday I felt a bit…like an egg really! But a few days of getting back into exercise (thanks to CrossFit and a killer arm WOD there, it’s a wonder I’m able to type right now) and the usual eats have got me feeling like me again 🙂 helped even further by a haircut yesterday from the fabulous Terrie Orr – check her out if you’re ever in Buenos Aires!

photo 2 (9)

Monday morning called for a smoothie and café con leche (de soya) for breakfast with some people watching…and leftover risotto for lunch!

photo 4 (7)

Yup, already back at Le Pain Quotidien for some post CrossFit lunch and snacks (chicken and quinoa salad, soy cappuccino, fruit and natural yoghurt, seeds and honey… aka an afternoon of heaven)

How was your Easter? How are you coping post indulgences?


11 thoughts on “A CRACKING Weekend

  1. “Sometimes your soul just needs a little lovin’ ” – Oh yes!
    Can I please come and visit you in SA? If only I could fly… My sister spent 6 months traveling over there and she LOVED it. Definitely on my travel wish list.
    Post indulgence- forget – everyday is a new day and like you said some indulgences in foods you may not normally eat is good for the soul. 80/20 🙂

  2. What an amazing weekend! I agree, your soul definitely needs a bit of loving sometimes 🙂 I had way too much chocolate this weekend and I loved it at the time but now my body feels awful, I’m sure within a week of normal eating again I’ll feel better but this feeling is horrible! Sometimes we need indulgence but how do you overcome that feeling (both physically and mentally) afterwards? X

    • Mentally I think just accept that you enjoyed it, it’s done and in the past so there is no point being guilty about it. And physically, top up on foods that will nourish your body – never go hungry thinking ‘I can’t eat anything now’ huuuge error – and get back into your exercise routine and after a few days of feeling a big urgh you’ll be right back into the swing of things 🙂

  3. Oh goodness… I’m still not ready to think about food because I’m pretty sure I’m still digesting Easter dinner, but I still want to face plant into that cookie… and… well… basically everything else as well 😆 I’m glad to hear that you had a good weekend, and sometimes we all need those weekends where we just let loose and enjoy life… even if we need a few days of recovering afterwards 😉

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