{Thinking Out Loud} Sunsets & Easter Bunnies

So excited to finally link up with Amanda today for Thinking Out Loud! Let’s get straight to it.


1. On Monday I finally went to my second CrossFit class (after being ill last week) which was even better than the first one, especially having only 3 people in the class – so much more room to move! Even if it did mean I felt like a Granny on Tuesday so much so that when I went for a run it felt more like a hobble.

2. I also discovered that I seem to have a fear of going upside down – having NEVER been able to do handstands in my entire life I am now attempting (slowly) to learn at the age of 22…I’ve so got this… But, hand stand push ups? What now? Come again?


3. Wouldn’t be fun if you could get each of your favourite bloggers to cook for you for a day? I always get such food envy and my attempts are never as good! Or I can’t buy half the stuff I see on American/Canadian blogs…oh the jealousy…

4. Yesterday, after my Spanish class I was thinking about the verb conocer – translated literally this means ‘to know’ but is also used to say that you have traveled to a place, conozco Londres, for example, would mean that you have been to London. Isn’t it so much nicer to say that you know a place when you travel there? I feel it really puts the emphasis on exploring the place you are in and that you should, quite literally, get to know it!

5. The Easter bunny has come early!! Or my Dad sent me the money, I sent him pictures and he told me which one to buy… Same thing right? Must.not.open.until.Sunday. 😀

photo (14)

He looks like a bit of an angry bunny doesn’t he?

6.  My friend’s mum is currently visiting from the States and seeing the two of them together is making me super excited to see my friends and family again!

7. Speaking of, it’s only just over 2 months until I finish my internship, my dad arrives and then shortly after we go home? What the?!

8. Still not bored of these sunsets though…

photo (15)

9. My wish list for my birthday (July) and general purchases for when I’m back in the UK is steadily getting longer, and more extravagant… Running shoes, trainers, sports bras, leggings, running tops, a bike (casual), socks (slightly more realistic)… I could go on…

10. My favourite Topshop black leggings are setting to get baggy knees syndrome… If Topshop could open a Buenos Aires store that would be just GREAT, thank you 🙂 (Yes I am incapable of buying these leggings elsewhere, I love them too much.)

Can you do a hand stand push up?! Do you have any clothing staples you can’t live without?


13 thoughts on “{Thinking Out Loud} Sunsets & Easter Bunnies

  1. I have the upper body strength of a sparrow so I struggle with headstands/handstands. I am trying to build my upper body and core strength so that I can do these things better in yoga!
    That sunset looks incredible and the Easter treat looks insanely good – good choice on the dark chocolate! Enjoy your Easter break!

  2. YOU GOT THE BUNNY!!! Nom nom nom 🙂 and HSPUs?! You is craaaazy! Glad you’re enjoying crossfit though – sounds so super hardcore and I bet you’re awesome at it.

  3. Since I’m a new reader, I’m wondering if you are studying abroad at the moment & that’s why you aren’t in the States? or no?

    BTW – I suck at handstands too…and I’m 24. Ha Ha. Guess we all can’t be perfect at everything, huh? 🙂

  4. I kind of cringe at the thought of doing handstands… My upper body is pretty weak, so I have these fears of my arms giving out and me falling on my head as a result. Sorry! Didn’t mean to share that image with ya 😛 And I feel ya on not being able to find some things in stores that you see on blogs. It’s not -horrible- up here in Canada, but there are still a lot of things they have down in the States that we can’t get up here. Also… yoga pants… cannot go without!

    • Noooo now you’ve added to my fears – I am quite literally terrified!! Yes I’m planning (aka dreaming) of a trip to the States in the next year or so and will most definitely have to take an extra suitcase just for food… 😀

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