{MIMM} Buenos Aires Food Week

Happy MIMM! I had a pretty marvelous Saturday so thought I would recap it as part of Katie’s Marvelous in My Monday 🙂



This week is Buenos Aires Food Week – basically a selection of restaurants offer special promotional lunch and dinner menus of 3 courses for a week (although it is actually 2 weeks…)! Naturally, my friends and I went to try it out. One of my friends here is at culinary school (a very good friend to have) so he and his girlfriend looked through ALL the menus online and picked the best for us! And off we went.

We went to Club 31, which is the restaurant at the Buenos Aires Grand Hotel. From the offset the staff were warm, welcoming and pretty attentive – something which can be pretty rare in Argentina, you often have to be sat waving your warms in the air to get served… It’s not the waitstaff being rude, more just a cultural thing I think. Anyhow, we had chosen to go at lunch time for a late 3.30pm meal – slightly less choice but half the price. The menu was 3 courses with 3 options per course for AR$140 (not including drinks, cover charge or tips), this translates to about £8-10 depend on which exchange rate you go off… Pretty impressive! Returning to the UK in July is going to be a SLIGHT shock I feel. Naturally, being my indecisive self, I had studied the menu in advance so was already super-excited to order and eat!

After ordering we were each bought a rather fluorescent orange looking sparkling drink, which upon tasting was actually a rather nice cocktail of some sorts. I didn’t drink mine though as I am trying to avoid alcohol until I am fully better and ordered a fresh grapefruit juice instead which was delicious.

photo 2 (7)

First up – I chose the Burrata which was basically fresh mozzarella wrapped in Italian style ham, with a small salad, an incredible sweet grilled tomato and a light balsamic dressing. The mozzarella was delicious smothered on top of the selection of breads we had on the table. Overall this was the perfect starter to keep me going until the main course without overly filling me up.

photo 1

Next, the main attraction (I say that, in reality for me that would be dessert). This was the Sorrentinos de Cabra – they were basically goats cheese and lamb stuffed ravioli (with a mini pie version on top? It definitely looked like a mince pie to me) all on a base of some sort of roasted squash, with a tomatoey sauce. Heavenly.

photo 3 (4)

So the picture’s a bit rubbish but I was too excited to try that hard… PUDDING. Chocolate Foundant with mascarpone. Yes yes yes. Enough said.

After eating we all lulled about in our armchairs and chatted for an hour or so. That’s something I love here, you can sit in a restaurant or café for as long as you want, regardless of when you finished eating, because you are ENJOYING yourself and there is simply no rush.

That evening we all went round to one of my friend’s apartments where we watched the Beyoncé documentary (in awe), ate some more (one of those must.eat.all.the.foods.cos.my.appetite.is.crazy. days, I didn’t stress or worry, I just went with it and enjoyed) and then talked until 3.30am about women’s rights and everything under the sun. A perfect Saturday.

Have you had any special meals out lately?


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