Sunday Summary

I had hoped for this Thursday to be my first participation in Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud but Wednesday night found me in bed with severe stomach pains, dizziness and generally not good! And, alas, there was no blog writing. (A trip to the doctors and some meds later and I seem to gradually be on the mend!). Nonetheless, I still wanted to share my thoughts on this week, so instead I have created my own ‘for one week only’ Sunday Summary – let the randomness commence 😉

1. Last Saturday, much to the bemusement of my doorman, I went for an AWESOME run in a thunderstorm! Naturally I got completely drenched – one sweet lady offered me her umbrella as we were waiting to cross the road, I think it was a little late… – but it was brilliant! Longest run of Buenos Aires yet 🙂

2. Whilst on said run, I realised that the weird gym that I run past a good few times a week is actually a SHOP. Explains why there is never anybody in there working out… (I just thought they were all really lazy…)

3. Saturday night saw a trip to Spanglish, a language exchange night here with the same set up as speed dating. Each table has an Argentine (boy OR girl) and an English speaker, you have 5 minutes speaking Spanish (or Castellano), 5 in English and then move tables. Admittedly the conversation is quite basic as it is just the standard getting to know you stuff but it’s still great practice, a fun way to meet all sorts of new people and certainly builds up your confidence speaking Spanish to strangers. One guy I met there had even built part of the walkways at Iguazú Falls which I thought was pretty cool!

4. The other day I watched ‘Four Weddings & A Funeral’ for the first time in forever. I had forgotten how funny it is! I was in hysterics!! Classic film.

5. When I arrived at the office on Monday morning the block in which my office was situated was completely closed off with police riot vans everywhere… My first thought was that there had been a murder! (It was the riot vans okay!) But actually (I think…) a building had fallen in and after a quick chat with the police I was able to pass through to get to work – an interesting start to the week to say the least!

6. On Monday night I went to my first ever CrossFit session! I was TERRIFIED beforehand as I am not nearly as strong as I used to be… But it was incredible, and I didn’t stand out as the weakling as I had feared. I think that maybe Argentine CrossFit is a little different to that in the States/Europe (not that I have anything to compare it to, just from what I’ve read and heard) as there is a lot of focus on technique, which for me is great right now. I loved it as it had the atmosphere and buzz that I loved about rowing, but without any of the pressure or stress. I had hoped to return this week but getting ill ruined those plans, I am hoping that I’ll be able to go next week.

7. As a present to myself I purchased these amazing leggings from Nike (sorry for the awful photo) but disaster – the have a hole in them and no more in my size in the shop! The guy there was super helpful though and hopefully he’s going to get some sent across from another store… I want to try out my leggings dammit!

photo (13)

8. 10th April (Thursday) saw the second paro (national strike) in Argentina since Cristina Kirchner has been in office. The strike lasted 24 hours (and was pre-planned) as workers protested over wages, soaring inflation and taxes. It was really an eerie feeling in Buenos Aires that day – no buses, no trains, no subté (subway), no domestic flights, lots of shops/restaurants closed and so few people… I think this picture of the usually congested 9 de julio in Microcentro pretty much sums it up…

The image is taken from this ‘day in pictures’ series.

9. On a more lighthearted note, this week is Food Week in Buenos Aires (HELLO). Lots of restaurants are participating by offering 3 course lunch or dinner meals at a reduced rate. On Saturday my friends and I went to Club 31 at the Buenos Aires Grand Hotel for an incredible meal – more on that later 🙂

10. So the days are getting shorter. The weather is getting colder. Leaves are turning and falling to the ground. Inside is becoming all the more cosier and appealing… Christmas must be soon right? Yes I am feeling very confused!! Southern hemisphere (newbie) problems…

Have you re-watched any classic films recently?

What’s the most random ‘police encounter’ you’ve had?!


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