The luxury of modern day healthy eating

As you probably have seen from my series of posts last week (if not, feel free to catch up!) I’ve recently been travelling in Patagonia, in the very south of Argentina. And it got me thinking…

Maca, protein powders, no protein powders, eat only this type of grain, don’t eat grains, stick to these carbs, and so the list goes on. We are lucky enough today, in the Internet world, to have a wealth of information at our fingertips – be it the latest superfood or supplement trend. Now I have to admit I love reading about this kind of stuff but most of it goes way over my head… And if I were to actually buy all these foods? I’d be broke. Healthy living sure don’t come cheap these days.


And how much better off would I actually be?

When I was in Patagonia my normal food choices were pretty limited, to say the least… No soy milk/soy yoghurt/tofu/any form of ‘untraditional’ food. Carbohydrate options, for example, consisted of white bread, white rice, white pasta, you get the gist. And so this is what I obviously ate (much to the surprise of some of my friends) because what else was I going to do? Go hungry whilst trekking up to 7 hours a day? No thank you!

Now, why am I saying all this? It’s not like there was any shortage of food availability in Patagonia (from what I saw), people weren’t going hungry.

To be perfectly honest, it gave me a big kick up the butt in how lucky I am with my food and lifestyle choices. I already knew that I, and probably the majority of people reading this blog, live a very comfortable lifestyle compared to the majority of the world’s population – I have more than adequate food, water, electricity, etc. But what really hit home on this trip was what a luxury our everyday choices are. We have the daily option to choose between countless different kinds of rice, quinoa, oats, dairy products, dairy-free products, vegan products, organic vs. non-organic…

I’m not meaning to ‘talk down’ to certain societies, or say that anyone is better off than anyone else. What I mean to say is, maybe it’s time to take a step back from the ‘superfood diet’ and realise how privileged we are. Stop looking for the next magical ingredient, or the latest flavour of nut butter and just appreciated your choices for a moment, and what a luxury it is to have them.

Do you ever find yourself caught up in the ‘superfood craze’?

What are your thoughts on this?


4 thoughts on “The luxury of modern day healthy eating

  1. You are absolutely 100% bang on here. I think what’s more to blame is that we have lost site that a healthy diet might be no more than fruit, veggies, rice and some prized animal protein. All the extras that are marketed to us are fun, but sometimes I wonder how much they really do add to our health? It’s an interesting topic x

  2. Great post! I do like adding super foods to my diet as I find them interesting, but really I think all you need is the basics. I don’t really buy as many as I used too. I’m sure (please correct me if I’m wrong) certain diet plans like Weight Watchers do not promote the use superfoods like maca and spirulina. My mum was on it for a while and had some amazing results with just a wholesome diet and some decent exercise.

    • I don’t know a great deal about Weight Watchers (other than living off their puddings back in the day!) so can’t really comment there but yes – all we really need is the basics! In Patagonia it was white bread or no bread, etc. which really made me see the privilege to even choose some things which, in the UK, I regard as a ‘basic’! 🙂

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