A Patagonian Adventure – Days 5, 6 & 7 – Ushuaia

Day 5

An early start to get a bus back to El Calafate, chill at the airport for a few hundred hours (we’re experts at this now), fly to Ushuaia (aka the end of the world) and finally a car to our hostel. Oh and then a walk down a massive hill in the rain into town. But it was worth it to get this stamp in my passport! And some more local beer. Obviously. It’s important to sample the local culture, right?


Day 6

Probably the most touristy day of our trip but SO much fun. We got a bus through the National Park to get the train to the end of the world. With the grannies. And babies. And us. We blended in well…


Apparently this train used to be used to transport the prisoners through the mountains to the prison, which was built with the aim of ‘putting Ushuaia on the map’, interesting strategy… I think it was a bit of a rip-off to be honest, but a fun trip nonetheless.


Afterwards we had a drive through the rest of the National Park, on the bus, a few short walks and a view of Chile!




We spent the afternoon wandering around Ushuaia, which in itself is a great little port town and then you glance up and see the vast mountains looming over you. Just breathtaking.

And then we found the most amazing hot chocolate – melted chocolate, mint liquor and crushed meringues on top… hands down the best hot chocolate I think I’ve ever had.

photo (9)

We really struggled finding a restaurant for dinner (which baffled us in such a tourist town) but eventually found this amazing restaurant which opened up for us where I had incredible blackened hake with potatoes, tomatoes and beans… So fresh! Made even more delicious by the lack of fish in my typical Buenos Aires diet.


As we finished our meal we heard loads of cars driving slowly through the streets beeping their horns, on closer inspection there was guys hanging out the windows topless (bare in mind I was wearing 5 layers). When we asked our waitress what was going on she informed us that River Plate had just beaten Boca Juniors in the Superclásico – it explained why everything was closed as they were all watching the game!

Day 7

Undoubtedly the most unique day of this part of the trip. We had booked onto a boat trip that was meant to last a few hours to go out to see the sea lions, cormorants and the Faro del Fin del Mundo (lighthouse at the end of the world). But when we got to the check in office they offered us a free extra trip to go see the penguins too (usually AR$200) – obviously the answer was yes. Once again, I feel I should let the pictures speak.





Just wow. Watching the sea lions swim through the water was definitely one of my highlights of the trip. Afterwards we just had time for a final fish lunch before heading to the airport to fly home. I had a perfect plate of fish and chips. Well, you did take the Brit to the seaside…


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