A weekend in Uruguay

Happy pancake day! I hope you are all eating plenty of delicious pancakes today 🙂 This weekend I took a trip to Uruguay and whilst there, on the Sunday, wrote up this blog post…

Katie, Tess and I came over here on the boat yesterday lunchtime. Unlike most other people who say there is nothing to do in Colonia and only come for the day, we chose to stay the night here, as a bit of an escape from the city.

Yesterday consisted of a cheeky parilla, a wander round the beautiful old town – where Katie and I found the most beautiful capes – tempted (and later purchased, oops). After a change in the hostel we wandered back to the old town to watch what I can only describe as the most delicious sunset over the sea. The sun gracefully fell behind a wooded island, and turned the soft, fluffy clouds into candy floss, streaked with pink, red and orange, as the sea lapped over the rocks at our feet. This was followed by a helado (/sorbet) for dinner, naturally. And a much needed early night (spot the foreigners in the hostel…).


Today, following our free breakfast at Hostel Colonial, we went to hire one of the golf buggies to drive down to the beach – since our hopes of horse riding were scuppered by the weather and we have too much luggage for bikes. Being the 22 year old I was the delegated driver. First time on the wrong (right) side of the road, in Uruguay, in a golf buggy? Sure, I got this. Thank God for automatics.


And now here are are, lying on a beach, toes in sand, overlooking the Rio de la Plata. I went for a walk earlier, just to try and absorb the moment. Whilst walking, I was thinking – I don’t really remember actively making a decision to move out to Buenos Aires, it just kind of happened. Considering most things that ‘just kind of happen’ result being stuck in a desk job forever, I am feeling pretty lucky. It may not be the most typical post graduation career route (Lord knows I’ve been told so often enough), but, for me, it is perfect. Besides, that desk ain’t going anywhere. Now, excuse me, I have a beautiful brown river to go paddle in.



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