New Habits

Since Cherries & Chisme originally started out as a food/health blog I thought I ought to actually write a post about food in Buenos Aires for once! Naturally moving halfway around the world means a bit of a change in routine and I’ve formed a few new habits along the way…


Learning to cook all over again… 

A new country means new ingredients. And whilst I love to try new things there is only so much eating out one girl’s body can take. Most of the food here doesn’t contain spices – mention any Mexican or Asian food to a typical Argentine and they’ll probably run a mile… I on the other hand love cooking with spices, albeit with a certain degree of trial and error! So I have been on the hunt for some of my old favourites – soy milk, cinnamon, ginger, tofu, etc… A little internet search told me that Barrio Chino (Chinatown) was the place to go, so off I went. I came back with a great haul (had to exercise a fair degree of restraint to be honest!).

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)

photo 4 (2)Unsweetened cocoa powder, pumpkin seeds, spinach noodles, coconut water, tofu, mixed seeds and PEANUT BUTTER

However, sweet spices and soy milk were still eluding me… I finally took the chance to explore the natural minimarket, which is ON MY OWN BLOCK, having ignorantly thought previously that they wouldn’t have much… I happily discovered these wonders, including ginger (wahooo) and baking soda (oh hello cake in a bowl…)

photo 5 (1)Strawberry soy yoghurt (a bit too sweet but the only non-dairy yoghurt I can find here), walnuts, pecans, tofu, baking soda and ground ginger

A few days later I happily found the very last pot of cinnamon in my local supermarket but soy milk has still been a challenge! On my third trip to the natural minimarket to ask if they had soy milk I ended up giving them my email address for them to let me know when it comes in (I was told hopefully sometime next week) and they even asked me which type I prefer. So sweet.

Another enjoyable shopping experience is going to the vedureria (fruit & veg shop) which has much better value and quality produce than what can be found in the supermarket, and it’s always nice to have a (broken) chat with the people working there!

On the whole though I have been loving my new cooking challenges here as it forces me to think a bit more, even if I do end up going back to old favourites more often than not…



Back in the UK my exercise routine was pretty much a mish mash of 3, 2, 1 workouts at the gym, long bike rides, a few runs and a bit of yoga. Here, due to lack of equipment and the gyms being pretty expensive (you generally have to pay for classes on top of your membership) I’ve had to shake things up a bit. On my second day in BA I found out about Buena Onda Yoga, a yoga school run by expats in English (cheating I know, but yoga is my ‘brain off’ time…) which I’ve been going to about 3 times a week. It’s not particularly cheap but I love it.

Cardio has been a little trickier due to the crazy heat we have going on here. But when I can I run. I must admit though I have been struggling to find my motivation this week due to a whole host of things but hoping to get back into things soon. I also had the idea the other day of doing circuit style workouts on my rooftop! Will let you know how that one goes…


Mental state…

This is never particularly stable wherever I am (ha! *laughs to laptop in coffee shop*) but to be honest it’s been doing pretty darn good here. As I said in my post the other week, this is where I want to be right now and I am very content with it. I even said the other day that yoga ‘helps keep me grounded’ and whilst I am most definitely the worst person in my class this is completely and utterly true as I get the chance to slow down my over-thinking brain.

I have been struggling with some body confidence issues recently as eating some dairy on the weekend caused my stomach to go haywire, and this combined with the few extra drinks I’ve been having compared to at home (I do love how little people tend to drink on nights out here compared to the UK, I was out until 6am the other day and had just 3 drinks the whole night) and the change in exercise, etc. etc. has left me feeling a bit down about it. Nonetheless, life goes on and I am trying to see the bigger picture.

In other  news I got a place on my dream masters for next year! I will be moving to London in October to start my course on ‘Understanding and Securing Human Rights’! It still hasn’t sunk in!



So all in all things are different, naturally, but good. New habits are forming and with my internship commencing on Monday it is the perfect time to make them stick!


Have you experienced a change in routine lately?

What are your body confidence tricks?


2 thoughts on “New Habits

  1. Congrats on getting a place on that Masters! Looks like you’ve been doing well experimenting with the foods you can get hold of. I think that just remembering the bigger picture and how this is a moment in your life to be enjoyed to the max will help put body image issues into perspective. You will be looking gorgeous as always!

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