On the edge of something amazing…

There’s something about this city that creeps under your skin… A sense of security, belonging. You don’t notice it happening but then suddenly it’s there, and this is home.

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It was strange, when I left my home in the UK to come out here there weren’t really any nerves. Naturally, I had the sadness of leaving my friends and family but the overwhelming feeling was one of calmness, an underlying reassurance that I was doing the right thing for myself. My friends and I always say that to truly appreciate the amazing things in life you’ve got to go through the bad times first – they make the highs even higher. And I feel like I have worked so hard to get to this point in my life, and now I am finally on the right path. My journey is heading in the right direction and each day is amazing as I am finally on the way to where I want to go.

It’s as though I’m teetering on the verge of something incredible. The same goes with learning Spanish…the best way to describe it is being on the edge of a whole new world and, each day, as you learn some more vocabulary or a new tense you edge further into that world. And the further into it you get, the more of it you see, and the more excited you are to be able to fully be a part of it.

Entering this new world of a language, and the language of the city for that matter, opens up so many more doors to meet new people. And that’s the thing here, people are so open and, for want of a better word, so alive. There is no such thing as the reserve of the British. The other day I was having a drink (the best beer I think I have had in forever) with some other expats and arrived in the middle of a full-blown discussion on spirituality and religion. My perspectives on life are constantly being challenged here and it feels so empowering to open yourself up to new ideas, without judgement.

Naturally I can’t not mention that Buenos Aires isn’t perfect. Like every great person it has it’s problems. Inflation is skyrocketing once again, and speaking to porteños (locals) further emphasises what an issue this is, as the economy is heading down the same path it did when their parents and grandparents were our age. But ask them about what they love about the city and they’ll say the exact same thing – the people, their openness and passion.

Something’s a brewing. And I like it.


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