The weird and wonderful

I’ve now been in Buenos Aires for about 9 days. 9 days of exploring museums, cafés, spanish school…the list goes on. So here’s a little round up of my highlights so far and a few of the weird and wonderful things I’ve seen.

  • On the way to Spanish school on Monday I passed by a man dressed head to toe in white, carrying a glass of juice on a silver tray down the street… Anyone care to explain this? Baffled.
  • I’ve been to a thing called Mundo Lingo which is basically a language exchange night. It’s a great idea and a great way to meet people, although so hard to hear and actually understand Spanish in a bar!
  • I visited the Museo Evita with my friend from Spanish school. Eva Perón was the wife of President Perón, and a celebrated national heroine for all she did for those struggling for their rights, be they women, the poor, elderly, factory workers, etc… The museum itself is housed in a beautiful building in Palermo, with a cute little courtyard café at the back.

photo 2

  • On Friday I went to Recoleta cemetery with some people I met at Mundo Lingo. I admit, it sounds pretty weird to meet people at a cemetery but I guess this is more like a museum with a fascinating mixture of old and grand tombs to wander round, if a little eerie at times… In Argentina people’s lives are celebrated on the day of their death, rather than their birth. Which I guess makes sense since it’s a celebration of what they have achieved in their life. We also visited the spot where Eva Perón is buried in her family tomb – always a crowded spot.

photo 3

  • After the cemetery we went to the park and I had my first taste of mate tea (you can read more about it here). It’s basically a very caffeinated tea, drunk from a special ‘cup’ through a straw with holes in to filter out the leaves, and comes with its own drinking ritual. It’s pretty bitter but I can see myself becoming a fan!
  • Friday night was spent eating what I am quite sure was the most amazing steak of my life – bife de chorizo in Puerto Madero. My Dad’s friends were in the city dropping their daughters at the airport and were kind enough to take me out for dinner with their son – such a delicious evening 🙂
  • I’ve discovered that Freddos (a chain of ice cream parlours here) do dairy free sorbets! Ice creams are ESSENTIAL for summer survival at the moment so this is VERY welcome news!
  • Since we’re going down the food route, they have a type of coke here that comes in a green (?!) can called Coca-Cola Life. I think it might be meant to be more naturally sweetened and it has less calories in than normal coke. I gave it a try but it wasn’t that great. And since it still seems to have a load of chemicals in it I feel  I might as well carry on going for Diet Coke as I am drinking rubbish anyway!

photo 1

  • I have been to Tigre (the delta) on a trip with most of the other interns who are all lovely. It was such a hot day and even though I wore plenty of suncream I still managed to get burnt on the little ‘beach’ there. There was also a big market selling all kinds of things including fresh fruit smoothies – I discovered ginger with banana and orange. Heaven. Oh my I am missing my blender. I also bought a Sherlock Holmes book which has a page in Spanish next to a page in English – perfect to practice!

photo (4)

  • Saturday night we all went out. Here the night tends to start about 2am – a bit of a change as I’ve got used to my granny bedtimes (as some of you know)! But oh so glad I went. We danced in a club outside next to the river until the sun rose. What a night.

photo 1 (1)

  • Finally Sunday was spent wandering the streets of San Telmo and the antiques market there. We did the obligatory touristic thing and watched a tango show whilst having lunch (thanks to Lonely Planet for the tip). It seems such a shame that tango seems to only be for tourists now… We also stumbled across a beautiful church down one of the side streets where there was a band playing outside. I later retreated to my bed with pancakes and Harry Potter – sophistication at its best.

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (1)

photo 5


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