La magia de Buenos Aires

Today I am ill in bed, not ideal but a good opportunity to catch up on various things including a blog post! I seem to be going down the route of taking my notebook with me everywhere and writing in it whenever I feel so I expect a lot of blog posts will be in this style for a while – kinda of written up diary entries!

Monday 6th January 2014

Hmmmm. That’s me right now, a kind of sleepy relaxed happiness. I have just come from an hour and a quarter yoga class, on the beautiful stress Gorostiaga. The class takes place above a deli, with no signs or clue to its whereabouts – you just have to know. (It pays to be a bit of a blog junkie sometimes). And everyone seemed to be lovely. Now I am sat in a restaurant/café nearby and have just ordered a quinoa burger… happy days.

Yesterday started out with a run through the parks near my apartment (still waking up early). Oh wow it was hot – talk about a sweat fest, my max heart rate was 207 and I definitely don’t think I was going that fast! Got a little lost at one point and ended up by an airport, nothing a cheeky u-turn can’t solve though.

After a busy morning sorting bits out I went for a wander through Palermo in search of some lunch. Not my most successful meal, ended up with  a MASSIVE Spanish tortilla the size of my face. My stroll continued and I stumbled upon the cutest café, I think it was called Panera Rosa. Definitely going to have to go back for breakfast at some point as it looks awesome. I had a kind of pear juice blended with ice whilst reading El País (with my dictionary…).


After than I had to go home as my shoes had ripped my feet to shreds! Ended up having a lovely catch up with my friend on Skype though. Later that evening I met one of my flatmates (the other is home for the holidays). He is argentine and pretty much speaks no english – good practice! Even if a basic conversation.

So today. It’s been pretty awesome. I had my first day of Spanish school at VOS. We are a small class of 3 and speak in Spanish the whole time which is ideal. The 4 hour class was the perfect combination of verbs, grammar, political discussions and other conversations. Afterwards I went and grabbed some lunch with one of the girls from class near Av. de Julio, still speaking in Spanish, very proud (NB when I say Spanish I mean my slowwww Spanish). Then we wandered up Santa Fé to look at the shops. I bought some flip flops and, when walking home, spotted a bag which I just had to buy… (I was looking for a bag also!). Also stopped off to hide away from the heat for a green juice in a great place selling a mixture of natural foods and indulgences – check out the frozen yoghurt bar! Oh to be able to eat dairy…



A quick change and (slow) post office trip later and it was time for yoga…and there we are!

So far my first impressions of BA are very positive! Obviously Hereford, Monmouth and Durham have hardly given me much experience of city life. But there is something more that excites me, una magia (magic)… I feel as though I am stating the obvious here but it is such a diverse place. Of course there are going to be bits that are run down and perhaps even threatening looking in appearance. The ‘typical’ South America to the idle mind. But then there are places that could be in Europe – there is everything. Trees form archways over many of the streets, including mine. There is an incredible mixture of architecture, old and new. Flowers and colour are everywhere…



I wish I was able to write more elaborately, and less factually, to convey the beauty of this city. But that’s an economics degree for you. Perhaps you just need to see it for yourself.


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