Is this actually happening?

Estoy en Buenos Aires! Here are my travel diary entries for the past two days…

Friday 3rd January 2014. Madrid.

Surreal. I have used that word so much in the past few days. Yesterday, on my last visit, my Mum passed me a beautiful note to read after I left. A few hours ago I said a teary goodbye to my Dad at Gatwick. And now I am sat in Madrid airport, shortly to be departing for Buenos Aires. Is this actually happening? Really? My nerves seem to have momentarily left me and I seem to be experiencing a strange sense of calmness over the whole situation. Very odd.

Typically, I’m writing this in Starbucks. My search for an exciting dinner was somewhat futile, so this is where I have ended up. With a chicken salad. Although they have freshly squeezed orange juice here! Super exciting.


So here we are. Off on an adventure halfway round the world. Into a heatwave. Spanish school starts on Monday. Bring it 2014.


Saturday 4th January 2014. Buenos Aires.

So, since Madrid. Well I met a lovely Spanish girl in the airport, who I gave my finished book. Attempted to talk in a mixture of Spanish and English – mainly English I must admit. She kept on saying how dangerous BA is and that people would grab my earrings as they looked gold!

Eventually made it onto the plane – delayed – only for it to be delayed further. Sat next to an Argentinian lady who’d lived in the US when she was younger so spoke with an American accent, very confusing! The flight seemed to go quite quickly, even though it was 13 hours. I loved flying over Brazil and Uruguay and being able to look down at the vast open space below. It made me feel very small and insignificant.

Had a bit of a wait at BA airport for my driver (!) as there’d been a protest blocking the highway. Apparently these are growing in frequency now with the current gas and electricity problems. Managed to have some pretty good Spanish small talk with my driver on the way to the apartment though (useful considering he had the wrong address!).

Magalí, my new landlady, was there to show me around when I arrived – and introduce me to Ani the cat!

After unpacking, and a much needed shower, I went to meet Paula, my contact at Connect 123 who helped organise my internship for me, at a nearby café for my orientation meeting. I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome to BA – starting to get so excited for things to come! Well, once I’ve got this bus system down.

Did a quick supermarket shop on the way home – they have Tahini! But at over 100 pesos I managed to restrain myself. Now (trying) to watch an Argentinian film on my laptop, having made a beef stir fry for dinner. Felt it’d be rude not to.

I’ve only seen bits of Palermo (my neighbourhood) so far, which is said to be pretty middle class, but it’s all so beautiful. Feeling very calm and content.

1552132_10151820101606123_1550763577_oThe view from the rooftop of my apartment building


6 thoughts on “Is this actually happening?

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a good balance of home based comforts and new experiences so far! As you get more comfortable there I can’t wait to hear more about the new things you get to try.

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