{WIAW} {Recipe} Sweet potato hotpot & spin spin spinning

For this week I am going to look back at last Thursday. I started the day around 7am with my current favourite breakfast of porridge.  This one was suitably autumnal with grated apple, peanut butter, cinnamon and ginger…


After warming myself up with a huge mug of jasmine green tea (no morning is complete without it in my opinion!) I was as ready as I’d ever be to cycle into work. I was thinking on the way in how lucky I am to be able to do this and how lovely it is to see so many other people cycling into town as well – although they always look far more practical than me in proper coats and trousers – I always seem to be wearing a dress! It does make you feel a bit smug though overtaking whilst looking so unpractical sometimes 😉

Anyhow, mid-morning I was feeling a bit snacky so had a pear (unpictured). In fact, this turned out to be quite a snacky day for me…

Lunch was delicious – a sweet potato hotpot style meal which was so easy to make at home and then heat up again in the microwave in the office. So I thought I’d share the recipe with you as it was so comforting and filling (a savoury recipe?! shocking, I know).

Sweet potato hotpot


1  sweet potato

1 small onion

1/2 courgette

6 cherry tomatoes

1 carrot

1/2 carton tinned tomatoes

Big crushed clove of garlic

Handful of spinach

Sprinkling of pumpkin seeds


Sea salt

Rapeseed oil

Balsamic vinegar

Fresh basil

Start by piercing the sweet potato and cooking it in the microwave for about 6 minutes on medium/high or until soft. Whilst this is cooking, chop up all the other vegetables into chunks. Heat about 1/2 tablespoon of the rapeseed oil in a wok on a medium heat and then add all the vegetables apart from the sweet potato, tomatoes carton and spinach. When these are about halfway through cooking add a good splash of balsamic vinegar and mix together. Chop up the cooked sweet potato into chunks. When the vegetables are nearly cooked, add the remaining vegetables. Lower the heat and continue stirring until the tomatoes have heated up and the spinach has wilted. Season with sea salt and pepper, and add a sprig of basil and a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds for a bit of crunch.

Either serve immediately or take to work and heat up again later.

This recipe serves one but could easily be doubled (or more!) and is a great way to add more vegetables into your diet.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to restrain from going to get a Starbucks (something about this cold weather?) and snacked on a banana bread Nakd bar at my desk instead…


However, this restraint was totally ruined by me being early for my post work spin class – I am NEVER early. For anything. It was almost a bit shocking. So I kept myself occupied with a soy americano and a banana in the gym cafe, I was quiet impressed actually – the coffee was surprisingly good.


I had an awesome spin class. This session was strength focused with lower rpm and higher resistance but it still killed me! I was very close to being sick and falling off the bike at the end (to much information?). The instructor was really good in getting us to visualise races by closing our eyes (sounds weird but it worked) and imagining we were in a 16 man breakaway climbing a mountain – I totally won the Tour de France in my head! This got me thinking, I tend to run because it helps me to feel free – no numbers, no time per km or heart rate, just me (I always tend to wear a heart rate monitor but never look at it till after). I guess it’s kind of my escape. Whereas cycling is my ‘steady’ sport where I feel comfort in a way. I tend to watch my heart rate monitor and, when spinning, the numbers on the screen a lot of the time… So it was nice to change this a bit for once and ignore the numbers on the bike.

So, after spinning I had to cycle (/wobble) home and was EXHAUSTED. After looking at my heart rate monitor (number numbers I know!) I saw I had reason to be I guess 🙂 love that kind of tiredness! I must admit though, I do still tend to compare my calories burnt to when I was rowing when it used to be thousands so it is never quite the same but I do still find it interesting…

photo (1)

Dinner was typical vegetable stir fry topped with salmon, soy sauce and lemon juice…


I had pudding infront of Charlie Borman’s American Adventure – possibly the coolest job? Oh how I’d love to be paid to explore the world… This was chocolate avocado pudding with frozen cherries and blackberries. Followed by a buttermint tea!

1468344_10151736283251123_1135797127_o 1423040_10151736267766123_948573852_o










And that was my Thursday!

Do you have a sport where you feel ‘freer’ and can properly escape?


2 thoughts on “{WIAW} {Recipe} Sweet potato hotpot & spin spin spinning

  1. Your spin class sounds brilliant! Oh and I love Charlie Borman, I was addicted to the long way round stuff he did with Ewan McGreggor. I think a really tough yoga class helps me to feel freer and I have to say that running did as well at times. I might pick it back up again in the new year perhaps!

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