‘Living lighter…’

The other week I posted about my constant pursuit of perfection, and putting too much pressure upon myself. In my quest to ‘live a little lighter’ and destress I have been focussing on doing some of my favourite things… Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Long autumn walks with Christmas songs to work




  • A few weeks ago I went to London and whilst there visited my cousin for breakfast. She had made this awesome bread – funnily enough called life changing bread!! So, naturally, it’s been on my ‘to try’ list since and the other day I finally made it. This bread is full of oats, nuts and seeds – no flour. The recipe can be found here. It is super filling and makes for some great toast.

1420547_10151716646426123_2005853643_n 1462116_10151712405186123_1943852879_n









Me waiting for my life to be changed!                                                                            The finished product…


  • Lots of spiced chai lattes, soy cappucinos and endless cups of green tea – the ultimate therapy


1453588_10151716645966123_1584409615_o 1046945_10151715916036123_2002191010_o 1472552_10151715916351123_463164652_o

  • Catching up with friends and family who I haven’t seen in far too long – including some delicious cocktails and a visit to a beautiful pub…

1462524_10151719472661123_494876826_o photo (2)










  • Researching case studies at my volunteer work from various health and sanitation projects around the world for World Toilet Day and realising how truly lucky I am to have the life I do.


  • New clothes! Especially from a little vintage shop I found in Worcester 🙂


  • Listening to my favourite songs and falling in love with them all over again


  • This inspirational post from Katie at Fat Girl PhD on body image and self confident. She really hits the nail on the head “Every time you think you’re fat, or you hate your thighs, or you obsess over the scales, you are wasting valuable moments that would be better spent doing a whole bunch of fun things, like lip-syncing to Etta James, or breathing in the fresh Autumn air, or whatever tickles your pickle. To put it bluntly, you are wasting valuable, precious time you’re never going to get back worrying about this kind of thing – when you could be living instead.”. Wise words!


  • My first mulled cider of the season. No further words needed.


  • The crazy people I work with never failing to make me laugh! My boss in particular – and yes, she reads this blog!


  • One of my friends taking the time to cook me a delicious dinner and dairy-free cake – I was so touched! We ate the coconut chocolate log infront of the fire whilst watching Elf…heaven? I think so. The next day was absolutely stunning – clear blue sky and perfect for my cycle home 🙂



photo (3)





  • And finally, “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘I will try again tomorrow’.” Mary Radmacher

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