{WIAW} Winter sunshine & World Toilet Day

Wow this Wednesday has come around quickly – isn’t it funny how some weeks go so much quicker than others? I’ve had a lovely couple of days visiting friends and family in Oxford on Sunday and Monday, and then came back for World Toilet Day (my life is SO rock and roll) yesterday! So here are my eats from Tuesday.

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After a MASSIVE sleep I woke up around 8am to beautiful clear blue skies – but freezing cold. Definitely a porridge morning. This one included an egg (as seems to be my new norm), a little vanilla extract, almond butter and chopped pear – perfection in a bowl. Accompanied with a vat of jasmine green tea, naturally.


Shortly after breakfast I layered up to go for a run, it felt so good! I did a slight variation on my usual route, thinking that it would be a bit longer but when I looked back at MapMyRun after it actually turned out to be 100m shorter! Still, a stunning morning made even better by listening to Christmas tunes along the way 🙂


After a quick turnaround at home, and a smoothie to try and refuel (cherry, apple, cacao, peanut flour, spinach and almond milk) which I failed to finish (I never like eating after a run as it always makes me feel rather ill…) I was ready to cycle into the office for World Toilet Day!


Lunch was delicious – a spinach salad with cous cous, avacado, cherry tomatoes, avocado, some seeds, sea salt, black pepper and lemon juice:


Our schools co-ordinator and myself went into a sixth form for the afternoon to talk to their year 12 about the work that we do and basically to raise awareness that not everybody is nearly as privileged as we are here in the UK. It was actually really inspirational as some of the students brought up some interesting points in the disucssions – it was great to see them thinking these type of issues over more. As part of our presentation we showed them this World Toilet Day video by Matt Damon which certainly got a few laughs, whilst also really getting the message across.

I also snacked on a banana on the way to the school:


By the time I got home again, on my bike, I was absolutely freeeeeezing and needed a mug of tea (and a lot of layers) to warm me up…


My dad had cooked dinner which was lovely – stir fried vegetables with chicken, mixed herbs and half an orange squeezed over the top – so simple but so delicious.


This was followed by (surprise surprise) a chocolate bowl cake (unpictured) whilst catching up on the Sunday papers on the sofa. I am aware that I do seem to eat rather  a lot of these but to me they are the perfect, warm pudding and really satisfy me. They don’t seem to be doing me any harm I don’t think! Although I would quite like to branch out a bit more…perhaps I need to try and be more imaginative!

Do you have a go to pudding? Any recommendations for me?


2 thoughts on “{WIAW} Winter sunshine & World Toilet Day

    • Haha you just whisk it in! See my nutella porridge recipe for how 😉 the best thing ever, and SO much more filling – great extra protein.
      I get my peanut flour from iHerb.com in the US – want to do an order together next time? If not I can send you a discount code for money off your first order 🙂 xxx

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