{WIAW} {RECIPE} ‘Nutella’ porridge and a pretty normal day

I cannot WAIT for Sunday to arrive! Struggling with this week as I have been ill and had to take the day off work yesterday 😦 I am not very good at being ill but more on that another time… Looking forward to Sunday and Monday when I am going to Oxfordshire to catch  up with friends and my Granny 🙂

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Today I am going to look back at last Thursday which was my idea of a ‘normal’ day, for once! After a LOT of self nagging I eventually managed to drag myself out of bed about 6.45am (this process took about half an hour…) to go for a run.  Before leaving I grabbed a couple of prunes:


Having slept badly the night before I was not expecting great things from myself, the only way I was able to motivate myself was telling myself that I would just ‘plod’ my way round and survive!! However, much to my amazement, I flew round my usual route and ran it the fastest I ever have – including managing to get in the middle of a dog fight which definitely raised my heart rate a bit!

After a shower I was ravenous so opted for my breakfast of the moment – ‘Nutella’ porridge, along with a huge mug of jasmine green tea. Oh. my. God. I am addicted, it is just like having pudding for breakfast and even better it’s full of good things and super filling! So here’s the recipe for you all 🙂



‘Nutella’ porridge

50g oats

Roughly 175ml almond milk or water (I go for a mix)

1 free range egg

1 tbsp cacao powder (you could use cocoa but you can definitely taste the difference here!)

1 tsp hazlenut butter

1 small capful vanilla extract

1 chopped pear

1 handful frozen cherries

Add your almond milk or water to the oats in a bowl (I tend to go by eye rather than measuring, enough liquid so that the oats are well covered) and pop in the microwave for 90 secs on high. Then crack the egg into the bowl and whisk with a fork until well mixed. Microwave for another 90 secs.

When cooked add the cacao powder and hazlenut butter and mix together. Then top with the pear and cherries, or stir in! You may wish to add some agave/coconut sugar/honey if you have an extra sweet tooth but I find the cherries add more than enough sweetness for me.

I must admit, when I first heard of adding an egg to porridge I thought the idea was absolutely crackers. BUT, having tried it, it makes for a much more filling meal and adds that extra bit of protein – something I can often forget to eat. Try it!

After breakfast it was time to cycle in to work (these mornings are definitely getting much colder all of a sudden!), today my volunteer work.

Lunch was at my desk, a chickeny soup from Waitrose’s Love Life range, 2 pumpkin seed ryvita and a soy cappuccino from a coffee shop nearby. All were delicious apart from the cappuccino – I thought I was being so good supporting a local business instead of going to Starbucks but it was such a let down! 😦



Mid afternoon I fancied a snack and (smugly) had thought ahead to bring one of my homemade snack bars with me. This was a slight variation as I had left out the almond and cocoa so it was a bit simpler.

Then I cycled home (pretty much in the dark!) to have a couple of phone calls with some old friends 🙂 I could quite easily talk for hours!! For dinner I made roasted brussel sprouts and leeks, topped with some bacon cooked in garlic with onions – delicious. Whilst making this I realise that I definitely tend to plan my meals around a vegetable, protein just sends to be an afterthought,  should probably work on that…



Later on I fancied something sweet so had some grated apple with blackberries, sheep yoghurt and peanut flour sauce…



And shortly after collapsed into bed!

Do you ever find yourself forgetting to eat things like protein?


2 thoughts on “{WIAW} {RECIPE} ‘Nutella’ porridge and a pretty normal day

  1. Eggy oats is the way forward! I do occasionally start to realise that I’m eating more of one kind of food than the other as I usually have a pretty even protein / carb / fat spilt so I notice when I’m missing something! Hope you are feeling 100% soon, enjoy yourself at the weekend!

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