A northern holiday…

Wow, to say this week has been busy would be a bit of an understatement! I haven’t had a chance to organise myself enough to log a whole day’s eats so I thought I’d do a write-up of this weekend instead, when I went back up to Newcastle and Durham to see my old uni friends…


The weekend started early on Saturday when I thought it’d be fun to go for a cycle before the day began… It definitely was fun but SO windy!! At one point I was peddling down a hill… Nonetheless, I felt great afterwards (although with a 5 and a half hour drive later that day maybe it wasn’t my smartest move…)


After sorting myself out, Dad and I headed off into town for Hereford Food Festival – it was great to see so many local food and drink producers in one place (although there was definitely a disproportionate number of cider stands – saying something here?!). We had tickets to go and see Paul Hollywood (see my sneaky shot from the back below) who was on top form. He made a sweet plum pizza as well as an orange and marmalade cake, definitely need to try that one, and got his son up on stage to help which was very cute. There was a lot of Mary Berry and GBBO chat as well of course!





We grabbed a quick lunch in Andy’s cafe in town where I had a smoked salmon sandwich, heaven, before I had to leave to head up north to Newcastle!!




Oh my God, I had forgotten just how cold the north is! Although I don’t think it helped that I was driving up in torrential rain and a thunderstorm during which I leapt out my seat each time lightening flashed and was consuming endless coffees to keep me awake throughout the day…


1419010_10151693205696123_901250668_o 1412870_10151693190086123_2073643822_o











Anyways, once I got there it was so lovely to catch up with old friends. The weekend was full of dinners, cocktails, delicious breakfasts (including a poached egg/chilli salsa/bacon/toast combo – must try make that at home), lots of coffees in Durham, a night out and some of my favourite people. One (!) of my coffees on Sunday in Durham was with the lovely Laura Agar Wilson (you can see her blog here). It was so nice to catch up with her (in Starbucks of course), it had been far too long!





Driving home on Monday afternoon I ended up literally driving into the sunset (how cheesy am I?!) and feeling so lucky to have such wonderful friends. A fitting ending to an incredible weekend.




3 thoughts on “A northern holiday…

  1. I like this post πŸ™‚ Also regarding your letter to sugar, your birthday present about to arrive should help with that I think πŸ˜‰ x x x

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