A letter to Sugar

Yesterday I read an article about sugar, and its alternatives, in this month’s Women’s Health and it got me thinking about my own relationship with sugar and how harsh (mentally) I am with myself when I consume it. So here is a little letter to the white powder itself…



Dear Sugar,

Well, we’ve definitely had a turbulent relationship, to say the least. You’ve been my crutch throughout the bad times, and the good. Lately though, you’ve been getting some bad press. It used to be all about Fat but we quite like him now – he has a good side and we’ve realised we all need a little Fat in our lives every so often. But Sugar, I don’t need you so much now. As with most relationships, there comes a time to move on and I’ve come a long way in my efforts to get over you.

I’ll admit though, sometimes I can’t resist you. So often you give me headaches. Sugar headaches I call them. Then comes the guilt, followed by the stress. The other day I ate a piece of cake, full of you. A ‘bad’ food (except I shouldn’t give things labels I know). It was delicious. But then I felt guilty. Why? Simple – you have a bad reputation and I felt I should. You’re too refined. You give me a quick rush and then I crash. You’re so manufactured. Then you make me turn to Fat, the bad one. Nobody’s meant to feel good about ‘giving in’ to an old habit are they? Well screw you Society – I’m not dangerously fat, I’m not addicted. I’m not going to suddenly gain 10 stone and morph into a pile of lard. I’m not going to become hooked and come crawling back for more, and more. Not now, I’m past that. But I refuse to feel bad about enjoying something ‘naughty’ occasionally.



So, Sugar, maybe you’re not quite so bad as your rep. Once in a while, an old indulgence with you is okay. But, I just want to say, I’ve moved on now. You’re not so  fun anymore, I’ve got new friends nowadays – Agave, Maple, Stevia and Xylitol. And we’re much happier together.

See you around then (I’m not perfect…),



How’s your relationship with sugar?


4 thoughts on “A letter to Sugar

  1. yep sugar sucks and in my opinion the less you eat the better off you will be! Me and my boyfriend have just gone sugar free other then fruit and after just one week both of us feel so much better. I suffer with spots and he suffers with very bad eczema we have been advised to go sugar free and its working already! So long the evil white stuff!

  2. LOVE THIS! Yep, we know sugar isn’t the best for us, but as you say one slice of cake isn’t going to make you gain 10lbs overnight. I’ve just made some gingerbread and it has *gasp* refined sugar in it ahhhh! But when I eat a mix of different sugar alternatives, the odd slice of gingerbread with crack in isn’t going to make me an addict 😉

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