{WIAW} Take one…

It seems somewhat appropriate that my first proper post is for ‘What I ate Wednesday’ – my favourite blog post to read being the nosy person that I am! So, keeping it simple, here goes…

My day started at 6.30am (it is definitely getting harder and harder to get up in these dark mornings!) with a much needed soya coffee and a few prunes before the gym, along with my usual water and apple cider vinegar for a mini cleanse.


I had a great workout of 10 min HIT on the x trainer, some weights, 10 min HIT on the x trainer, more weights, another 10 min HIT and then plank and core. My timer on my plank stopped halfway through though – so annoying! After a shower at the gym I quickly ate my breakfast in the car – chia seed pudding made with apple, almond milk, cinnamon and nutmeg.


Then it was off to work – this time at the petrol station…all sorts of customers!

After work I was able to grab a quick lunch, before heading into town to give out my CV to try and find an extra job. Quite proud of my organisation on this one – I roasted some veg in curry spices the night before which I mixed into some cous cous…definitely need to work on my food photography though…


After getting home I flopped with a cacao cherry smoothie infront of my guilty pleasure – Made in Chelsea 🙂


Then I had some time to indulge in my favourite passtime, baking. I made Laura’s baked oatmeal (from keepinghealthygettingstylish.com) with pears from the garden and plums, yum yum.


For dinner I made a variation of the pad thai from celeryandcupcakes.com, purely because I didn’t have all the ingredients! This one was full of bean sprouts, carrot, courgette, egg and some leftover roast chicken from the weekend – absolutely delicious.

Then, to finish the day I always need something sweet. This time it was melon, frozen cherries (spotting the addiction here?), fig and sheeps yoghurt. A tiring but productive day I feel, and British Bake Off was definitely the cherry on the cake – how appropriate.



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