Welcome to Cherries & Chisme!

Hello there, I’m Pip – 22, just graduated from university and now living back home in the West Midlands. I work part time at events and any other odd jobs that come my way to fund my on-going volunteer work with an international development charity, whilst attempting to learn Spanish before heading to Buenos Aires in 2014 for a human rights internship – phewph!

For a bit more about me, a few things from my love list:

Golden sunny evenings…yoga…the seaside…longs flights to new adventures…moments of total calm…baking…coffee with friends…that massive high after exercise…a new outfit…change in seasons…being transported back to a moment just by a song…laughing so much your stomach hurts…discovering new green smoothies…learning something new…gaining a different perspective…big dreams…freedom…soy chai lattes…autumn mornings…cosy days at home with bad weather outside…long cycle rides…contributing to make something better…frozen cherries (of course!)

I’m hoping that Cherries & Chisme (Spanish for gossip – I think…) is going to mould into a collection full of healthy ideas for baking, explorations into cooking, travel adventures and general ponderings. Please enjoy!



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